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What Olivia Rodrigo song embodies your Chinese zodiac sign?

Olivia Rodrigo, the enchanting Californian sensation, has mastered the art of wearing her heart proudly on her sleeve, especially when it comes to her mesmerising music.

Every song of hers has the ability to reflect and embody the qualities of each Chinese zodiac sign. From the fiery passion of the Dragon to the dreamy romance of the Goat, every song has its own unique quality. So what song resonates the most with your Chinese zodiac sign?

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo on the red carpet. Photo credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency
Dragon - "Brutal"

Dragons, you're known for your energetic and fiery nature, so you can relate to the raw intensity of "Brutal." This song embodies your drive, passion, and unapologetic attitude, making it a perfect fit for your bold and sassy sign.

Snake - "Happier"

Snakes, you value stability and comfort, so the heartfelt longing in "Happier" resonates with you. You appreciate Olivia's introspective lyrics about growth and moving on, reminding you to prioritise yourself.

Horse - "Deja Vu"

With its clever lyrics and playful melodies, "Deja Vu" captures the curious and multi-faceted nature of you Horses. The song's exploration of familiar patterns and mixed emotions align with your love for intellectual stimulation and social interaction.

Goat - "drivers license"

As one of the most emotional signs, Goats you connect deeply with Olivia's most iconic song, "drivers license." This heart-wrenching song speaks to your sentimental nature, tapping into your feelings of nostalgia, longing, and the intensity of young love.

Monkey - "Good 4 U"

Monkeys, you love the spotlight, and "Good 4 U" is the perfect anthem for your dramatic sass and confidence. This song embodies Olivia's fierce attitude, which resonates with your desire to be the centre of attention.

Rooster - "enough for you"

Roosters, your meticulous and self-critical nature make you resonate with the introspective lyrics of "enough for you." Olivia's vulnerability and desire for self-acceptance reflect your constant pursuit of perfection and the need to feel validated.

Dog - "favorite crime"

Dogs, you're known for your harmonious and balanced nature, so you can relate to the emotional complexity of "favorite crime." This song captures your longing for fairness and justice while delving into the bittersweet beauty of relationships.

Pig - "traitor"

With its intense emotions and betrayal theme, "traitor" this perfectly captures the passion and depth of you Pigs. Olivia's raw vulnerability speaks to your desire for emotional authenticity and your ability to dive into the depths of your emotions.

Rat - "1 step forward, 3 steps back"

Rats, your adventurous and optimistic spirit can relate to the bittersweet optimism in "1 step forward, 3 steps back." This song reminds you to embrace life's ups and downs, knowing that setbacks are often temporary and part of the journey.

Ox - "hope ur ok"

Oxen, you are responsible and caring individuals, so naturally you resonate with the compassion and empathy in "hope ur ok." Olivia's heartfelt lyrics speak to your desire to protect and support your inner circle, embodying your steadfast and nurturing nature.

Tiger - "jealousy, jealousy"

Tigers, your independent and unconventional nature connects with the introspective exploration of societal pressures in "jealousy, jealousy." This song echoes your desire for individuality and challenges the norms and expectations of society.

Hare - "enough for you"

Hares, you are sensitive and empathetic souls, so you relate to the emotional vulnerability in "enough for you." Olivia's lyrics capture your desire to please others and the pain that comes from feeling unappreciated, reminding you to prioritise your own needs.

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