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These are your 'lucky' colours based on your Chinese zodiac sign for 2023

Colours can improve our mood and contribute to pleasant energy. Since they have lucky connotations, it is important to use hues that complement the signs of our Chinese zodiac. The likelihood of drawing positive energy increases significantly if we choose the appropriate tones and tints based on our sign.

The fortunate colour combinations for each sign of the Chinese zodiac are different. Therefore, utilising colours effectively can direct our success. Whether it's an outfit for a job interview or getting ready to impress a potential love interest, wearing our strong colours can help bring out the best in us.

Chinese zodiac wheel including the 12 zodiac animals
Find out your 'lucky' colours based on your Chinese zodiac sign for 2023

Rat - Blue, Red, and Green

The Rat, the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, is regarded as being wise and social. People frequently ask persons born in the year of the rat for counsel since they have a keen insight into human nature. Their fortunate colour Blue stands for loyalty, trustworthiness, knowledge, assurance, and intelligence. Gold, on the other hand, exudes richness, success, and monarchy while also having the ability to spread happiness and optimism. Green also represents hope, rebirth, and freshness.

Ox - Green, White, and Gold

People born in the year of the ox are primarily known for having honesty and patience. Once they've made up their minds, they are highly stubborn and it's difficult to convince them otherwise. Even though they are normally peaceful, if you push them too far, they can quickly become violent. White is their lucky colour because it symbolizes all that is good and right, simple and pure. The sun's colour, Yellow embodies joy, optimism, happiness, and hope. Green is yet another fortunate tone for Ox. The colour is linked to nature and stands for tranquilly, plenty, and even prosperity.

Tiger - Blue, Orange, and Grey

People born in the year of the Tiger have a strong aura and come across as incredibly confident, just like the zodiac animal. Since Blue represents loyalty, dependability, and authority it's also fostering a sense of trust, many firms include it in their logos and branding. Some may associate grey with emotions of melancholy and loneliness, however, the perfect tone of this colour has relaxing properties. Finally, the striking Orange colour exudes joy and excitement. This shade, which is a combination of red and yellow, makes the wearer feel good.

Hare - Pink, Purple, and Red

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Hare is the sign that brings the most luck. This sign's inhabitants are thoughtful, kind, and affectionate. They can, however, occasionally be exceedingly difficult to manage and very demanding. Therefore, one must make an effort to peacefully coexist with them.

The most common colour in China is Red, which is frequently utilized at festive occasions or auspicious events like weddings. It is connected to luck, beauty, passion, and success. Pink, on the other hand, is associated with passion and love and increases one's likeability. Purple conveys luxury, regal, independence, and dignity with a sense of mystery.

Dragon - Gold, Silver, and Purple

People who were born in the year of the dragon always aim for perfection. It is regarded as the Chinese Zodiac's most potent and promising sign. They exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and are ambitious and vivacious. Their impulsive nature and brash demeanour, though, might occasionally be too much to bear. Their lucky colour, Gold, is associated with success and richness and promotes happiness and enthusiasm. Silver, on the other hand, is a lovely and refined colour that represents feminine strength, modernity, and refinement. Purple aids in overcoming emotional, intellectual, and mental stress.

Snake - Black, Red, and Yellow

Despite its casual appearance, the sign is dynamic. They are incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable, and articulate. They are always there for you when you need them.

The colour Black is considered to be their lucky colour. It conveys rank, dominance, and strength. Black also represents rebirth and death, which embodies the idea of letting go and beginning again. Red is a striking colour that stands for vitality, vigour, desire, and sexuality. The colour Yellow is also associated with warmth, joy, and happiness. It promotes cheerfulness, mental clarity, and positivity.

Horse - Red, Green, and Blue

Due to their vivacious and exuberant personalities, people under this sign are adored by others around them. They will therefore probably be the centre of attention at social occasions. It can be challenging for those born in the year of the Horse to change their schedules for other people since they value their individuality and freedom. The Red colour gives them their fast and acute mind and aids them in navigating the other person's mentality. Yellow has a royal connotation in Chinese culture, and in Chinese Buddhism, the colour represents liberation from the physical world. Green, on the other hand, has a calming atmosphere that promotes tranquilly and portrays purity.

Goat - Brown, Red, and White

The Goat sign is typically calm, polite, and reliable, but it can also come off as clinging and closed off to change. They are likeable because of their compassionate and friendly disposition. Brown is an organic colour that evokes sentiments of cosiness, solidity, and security. It symbolizes expansion and fertility. Red is one of the colours in the colour spectrum that stands out the most and exudes passion. 'Fantasy-like' feelings are evoked by the colour White, which also stands for majesty, pride, and knowledge.

Monkey - Grey, Blue, and Black

The Year of the Monkey is characterized by mischief, intelligence, cleverness, and vivacity. Others often struggle to trust them because of their humorous and unconventional demeanour. Their ability to communicate well, which dazzles practically everyone they meet, is what works best for this sign. The colour Grey is linked to unclarity and relentlessness. Blue has a relaxing impact and screams loyalty and trust. Finally, wearing Black fosters self-assurance.

Rooster - Brown, Gold, and Green

The Rooster sign is well-liked by the crowd since it is consistently funny, clever, and extroverted. This zodiac sign is characterized by honesty, loyalty, and warmth of heart. They are strong in their own identity and do not rely on others to meet their requirements. The uplifting vitality of the colour Gold improves everything in its vicinity. Additionally, it stands for achievement, success, and grandeur. The colour Brown encourages the user to maintain perspective and value life's modest joys. Yellow encourages engagement and conversation while helping to improve memory.

Dog - Red, Green, and Pink

In addition to being very loyal and honest, those born under this sign also have a fantastic sense of humour. Due to their strong sense of devotion, they will go above and beyond for those who are close to them. Because they struggle with communication, it's challenging to comprehend what they're thinking.

Red is a colour that denotes the intensity of feeling and strength. People become more aware of their surroundings as a result of the hue stimulating their senses of taste and smell. The best colour to draw attention is this one. Green indicates balance and is both calming and energizing. It further aids in healing and has a favourable impact on mental health and interpersonal connections. Purple is known for stimulating the senses and fostering creativity. It also stands for bravery and unity.

Pig - Orange, Grey, and Brown

Those who were born in the year of the Pig are fiercely independent and hardly ever ask for assistance. They are very kind, sensitive, and willing to make concessions to resolve disputes.

The Orange colour is associated with sunshine, warmth, and cheerfulness, which makes the wearer feel better. The second colour which is Grey combines black and white, and serves as the supreme negotiator. It promotes harmony and serenity. Last but not least, the colour brown represents dependability and stability and encourages present-moment living. Purple is known for stimulating the senses and fostering creativity. It also stands for bravery and unity.

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