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What does the year of the Goat symbolize and mean in Chinese astrology?

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Goats are one of the most sensitive animals in the Chinese zodiac and they're also one of the most creative and quietly ambitious creatures that exist.

Years of the Goat include; 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027.

Goat personality and characteristics

It's creative pursuits that make this lovely soul tick. They're real softies and are very sensitive too. They are without question one of the sweetest people in all Chinese astrology. They will do anything for anyone without taking a breath. They are a natural when it comes to parenthood, they adore the family. Goat's sensitive nature and ridiculously compassionate nature dictate their lives somewhat. They don’t have a huge amount of self-belief, which is ironic when you consider you're talking about a character who flies into the top category on the creativity stakes.

Who are Goats most compatible with?

Goats get along best with Hares and Pigs. Both the Goat and the Hare are extremely creative so they will bond over that. The Goat and the Pig are very sociable, they adore people and company. Goats struggle to get along with Ox people. Oxes are very tough and one of the strongest characters in the Chinese zodiac. The Goat and the Ox tend to clash as their personalities are very different.

Different types of Goat:
  • Metal Goat

  • Water Goat

  • Wood Goat

  • Fire Goat

  • Earth Goat

The 12 Chinese animals in the zodiac:
  • Rat - tenacious, clever and good at problem solving

  • Ox - tough, patient and methodical

  • Tiger - Unpredictable confident and charming

  • Hare - kind, virtuous and worrisome

  • Dragon - magnetically social and love performing

  • Snake - intelligent, wise and alluring

  • Horse - independent, a free soul and energetic

  • Goat - gentle, kind-hearted and sensitive

  • Monkey - intelligent, witty and strong-willed

  • Rooster - deep-thinking, vain and ambitious

  • Dog - reliable, loyal and faithful

  • Pig - honest, genuine and friendly

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