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What Euphoria character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Season 2 has been confirmed for the popular HBO series Euphoria, which has likewise blown our minds with its expertly done costumes, makeup, music, and even the characters. Although it isn't a flawless story, it is honest and promotes crucial discussions about drug usage, trauma, fears, and everyday challenges. With a plot centred on dysfunctional high school students being choked by the new generation's growing pains. 

Euphoria follows the lives of teenagers at high school and how they navigate love, identity, trauma, and addiction in today's world. Teenagers, especially the ones at East Highland High School, are complicated and we can all use a little guidance, so let's look at some of the characters to see which one you relate to the most based on your zodiac sign.

Credit: Jean Nelson and Deposit Photos

Cal Jacobs - Aries

Cal's obsession with perfection in all he does in life is evidence of his inflated self-image. He is viewed as the head of his family and a "perfect success" in his hometown. He is very strict with his children, especially Nate. His approach to parenting is very forceful and rigid. Regardless of how people perceive him, he is actually struggling beneath the surface as his errors become clear. By the end of season one, Cal's estrangement from his son Nate eventually comes to a head. Since his son's rage is largely a result of his own confusion about his sexual identity.

Kat Hernandez - Taurus

Meet Kat, portrayed by Barbie Ferreira, who not only excels at writing smut-forward fan fiction—a very Venusian niche—but also manages to transform a sex scandal into a power struggle and a pay-for-punishment business. Making your money from the comfort of your own bedroom while converting sex into bitcoin and bitcoin into a new wardrobe? My friends, those are the things that Taurus fantasize about. Kat is tenacious, seductive, and accepting of her sexuality. She frequently desires security and stability in her relationships, which is in keeping with Taurus's practical and sensual character.

Gia Bennett - Gemini

Young, inquisitive, and adaptable describe Gia. She embodies the adaptable and communicative traits of Gemini since she has a dual personality and can readily adjust to various circumstances. Rue overdosed, and it was she who discovered her.

She is rather typical of a Gemini, exactly like Cassie. Gia is also known for forgiving Rue, but based on the amount of resentment she harbors, it is clear that she hasn't forgotten.

Cassie Howard - Cancer

Cassie, portrayed by Sydney Sweeney, is an obvious and traditional Cancer and the living embodiment of a Lana Del Rey song. She is the wateriest of the water signs—beautiful, romantically illiterate, and prone to tears. She fell in love with every man she ever dated, as Rue describes. It didn't matter if they were wise or foolish, kind or cruel. She disliked being alone herself. Cancers seek out the company at any cost, and the possibility of a romance developing between her and the evil Nate (Jacob Elordi) raises the stakes to an all-time high. When it comes to her loved ones, Cassie is compassionate, sensitive, and incredibly caring. She yearns for emotional safety and frequently prioritizes the needs of others over her own, reflecting her loving and guarding nature.

Maddy Perez - Leo

Who else except a spotlight-seeking Leo engages in revenge sex while being captured on camera by a crowd of onlookers using cell phones? Enter Maddy, our girl, who doesn't care who is watching as long as someone is. Alexa Demie's character isn't hesitant to wear a low neckline or a high ponytail, and she isn't afraid to ask her pals if her nipples are okay. The most Leo moment might occur as she guides a blonde bro towards a preordained connection. She responds, "You're so hot," to his comment. She responds, "I know," demonstrating once more that vanity is a lion's favourite vice. 

Lexi Howard - Virgo

Lexi is logical, smart, and has an excellent sense of detail. She embodies the analytical and careful traits of Virgo, giving sensible advice and approaching circumstances with a cool head. For the most part, the other girls are more concerned with popularity, looks, and flashy makeup than Lexi is. She is the kind of girl that stands by those she cares about as well as for herself. With all the time and effort she devoted to her elaborately prepared play, she also demonstrated her impressive capacity for hard work.

Chris McKay - Libra

Even though there is no disputing that these two care about each other if Cassie is a Water sign and McKay is an Air sign, they normally don't have much in common. Libras stand for cooperation and harmony. McKay is one of the few men on the show who isn't completely averse to commitment, but the reality falls short of his impossible standards for what a relationship should entail. McKay is one of the few men on the show who isn't completely averse to commitment, but the reality falls short of his impossible standards for what a relationship should entail.

Nate Jacobs - Scorpio

According to a fanciful yet thematically effective urban legend, a scorpion will sting itself to death if it feels threatened rather than succumb to an outside force. I present to you the final episode of Season 1, in which Nate beats himself as his anger, father issues, and athletic skill combine. Nate is portrayed by Elordi, who calls him a "emotional terrorist, a narcissist, a sociopath, and a freak." In fact, Scorpio energy is devilish at its worst, preying on others' suffering in an effort to establish supremacy and keep power. Nate then proceeds to catfish Jules, threaten Rue, attack Maddy, and make another guy take the fall for it.

Ashtray - Sagittarius

Ashtray is brave, independent, and passionate about discovering new things. He frequently serves as a mentor to others, exhibiting the upbeat and daring traits of Sagittarius. Being a quick-tempered but silent business partner and Fez's brother, Ash reacts to conflict with a passionate and impetuous attitude. This gives this passionate adolescent even more justification for aligning with the fiery sign of Sagittarius. 

Ash shows the confrontational true-warrior character of a Sagittarius when hustling with his older brother since he is the protector and safe-guarder of the home he and Fez live in (he is constantly armed and watching CCTV footage).

Fezco - Capricorn

Fezco is dependable, and disciplined, and frequently assumes the position of carer in his neighbourhood. He embodies the ambitious and tenacious attitude of Capricorn, placing a premium on practicality and long-term stability. The quick-witted drug dealer whom the crowd has come to appreciate undoubtedly displays Taurus's characteristics. Fezco adores his friends and family, so seeing them in difficulty upsets him.

Due to his loyalty, stability, and dependability, Fezco is one of Euphoria's most endearing characters. Season 2 revealed more of his actual Capricorn personality because he hasn't changed his course. It makes sense given how difficult it is to modify the Capricorn.

Jules Vaughn - Aquarius

Jules is the coolest-headed yet most complexly sensual character on the show. She dabbles in the "hook-up" culture out of a desire to "level up" in all facets of her identity and sexuality. She still hopes to discover real love, though. It wasn't an easy transition at first because Jules was also the new girl in town, but then she met Rue. Her connection with Rue unintentionally encouraged some codependency because both characters had estranged or lost relationships with their parents. This analogy was able to partially fill in some of the gaps because of their commonalities. Because they connected because Rue exudes qualities that indicate she is a healer by nature, Jules secretly felt compelled to be there for her. 

Rue Bennett - Pisces

As a highly sensitive water sign, Pisces is renowned for experiencing and sensing far more than a normal person should. They can struggle with escapism because of their sensitivity to the outside world, and the apex aspect of bliss undoubtedly does too. Rue's relationship with Jules is a good example of how deep and all-consuming love can be for a Pisces. Rue frequently gets lost in the waters of their connection. Rue has a strong emotional connection and is kind and empathic. She frequently gets lost in her own world, which fits with Pisces's delicate and naive personality. 

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