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What Sex and the City character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Maybe you're old enough to recall spending Sunday nights with your friends watching Sex and the City. Or perhaps you're still enrolled in college in the city and your spiritual mentor is the younger Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries. In any case, we're willing to wager that if you're a woman living today, you've admitted to at least one of your friends that you're "totally a Miranda." The women (and men) of this legendary show have evolved into contemporary stereotypes, with each character standing in for a certain set of characteristics we adore.

Therefore, we couldn't help but wonder: What Sex and the City character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Sex and the City cast. Credit: Deposit Photos, everett225


Anthony Marantino

An Aries born between March 21 and April 19 is likely to have a friendly disposition, ambitious, unfiltered, and humorous and be extremely direct at times. Anthony Marantino (Charlotte's BFF) served as yet another love interest in this drama. Just take a look at him; he exudes warmth and friendliness, and he occasionally spoke excessively because he was so at ease being himself. But it was impossible not to adore him!


Miranda Hobbes

A Taurus's birthdate will fall between the dates of April 20 and May 20. A Taurus will also relate to characteristics like ambition, determination, materialism, and stubbornness.

Lawyer Miranda Hobbes is quite cynical about men and relationships. She is your classic career-driven, bossy Taurus.


Stanford Blatch

Like Stanford Blatch, you live your life precisely how you want to, Gemini. Stanford oozes a unique vibe that we can't help but appreciate, from his incredibly fashion-conscious creative attire, wit and charm to his upbeat demeanour. Since you also have an independent, "go your own way" mentality that makes life's social connections interesting, we are confident that this all sounds quite similar to you.


Aidan Shaw

In all honesty, Aidan Shaw's major weakness as Carrie's boyfriend was his excessive love for her. Both Aidan and you are extremely sensitive beings who are devoted to those they love (sometimes to an extreme degree). You yearn for security and comfort, loyalty and if you perceive a threat to either, you may become irritable and wary. Additionally, you both have a creative side that needs to be expressed through writing, reading, art, or, you guessed it, furniture design.


Samantha Jones

With a lion as their zodiac sign and birth dates spanning from July 23 to August 22, everyone is aware that Leos are passionate, fiery, and full of life—just like Samantha Jones! Samantha Jones is the most provocative and flirtatious person since chocolate and champagne. She was a friend, a professional, and a flirt, and she did it all with outrageous and distinctive flair, and of course, always being the centre of attention.


Charlotte York

Charlotte York's identifying proper ethics indicate a practical and organised Virgo, whether she goes by a hyphenated MacDougal or Goldenblatt. She is always encouraging, offering advice to her girlfriends over brunch in the manner of the astrological sign that is most helpful. Or lending Carrie, drained from retail therapy, $40,000 to put down on a flat. 


Carrie Bradshaw

As a Libra, the sign that is most innately amorous because of Venus. Carrie's dating advice provided a compass for contemporary single women everywhere, and her weekly essay on love in the big city served as the basis for each Sex and the City episode.

Carrie had a strong Libra belief in love: "Real love. absurd, irksome, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other-love, and would stop at nothing to find it."


Mr. Big

Scorpio is such a deep, seductive, dark and enigmatic sign that only Mr. Big could represent it. Despite the fact that Mr. Big and Carrie start dating other people, his sensual enthusiasm remains constant throughout the show. Similar to Scorpio, Mr. Big undergoes a number of changes, starting out as the aloof Scorpion and concluding as the Phoenix rising in Paris. Since Carrie doesn't reveal his identify until the very end of the sixth season, even his moniker "Mr. Big" is quite Scorpion!


Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod

The only other fiery energy to match Samantha’s Leo-inspired personality would be Smith Jerrod’s Sagittarius-infused persona. Like Sagittarius, Smith tends to have the big-picture vision for his acting career and ability to become famous. As if led by Jupiter (and of course, Samantha), Smith takes off to reach new heights professionally. His adventurous nature is a passionate Sagittarius wildfire, which matches Samantha’s insatiable Leo lust. On top of his good looks and sweet personality, Smith matches Sagittarius’s honesty, too!


Harry Goldenblatt

Harry, Charlotte York's practical and ambitious second husband, first courted her while serving as her divorce attorney. These traits unmistakably show he has the Capricorn's sign. Harry had a tendency to be loving the money deals, but he was dedicated and affectionate to his wife at home.


Trey MacDougal

Aquarians are known for their unique sense of humor and their ability to bring a touch of eccentricity to any situation. And let's not forget Trey's whimsical wit and ability to inject laughter into even the most mundane moments. His peculiar sense of humour and endearing quirks made him a delightful addition to the Sex and the City universe.


Steve Brady

Steve, our sensitive sweetheart, completes the zodiac. Miranda, a Taurus, has a pessimistic and callous outlook on life that only a Pisces could tolerate. He isn't scared to express his emotions, and he frequently seeks to resolve conflicts through communication. You're a skilled communicator and mediator who can forge ties amongst even the most obstinate of adversaries. Don't let anyone dim your light, Pisces; your happiness and optimism radiate bright.

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