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What The White Lotus character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Welcome to the tropical paradise of The White Lotus, where the sun shines brighter than your future and the palm trees whisper tantalising secrets.

With the enigmatic Mystic Scorpio, the charismatic Leo King, the ever-practical Virgo, and the mysterious Piscean dreamer, this stellar ensemble brings the perfect balance of celestial energy to our delightful escape. But what zodiac sign do you think each character embodies? Scroll to find out.

Jennifer Coolidge and Theo James at The White Lotus premiere in 2022. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Aries - Armond

Armond's character in The White Lotus perfectly embodies the traits of an Aries zodiac sign – hot-headed, impulsive, and strong-willed. His actions throughout the series showcase the strengths and weaknesses of this Fire sign, providing a captivating and relatable portrayal for Aries individuals watching the show. If you're an Aries, you might see a bit of yourself in Armond's character, from his fearless approach to challenges to his impulsive decisions that sometimes lead to trouble.

Taurus - Quentin

Everyone wishes they had a boujie uncle like Quentin, but without the deceit and fraud. Even if I wish we had learned more about how he and Greg were connected, I can still admire him for his superb sense of style, extravagant boats, and talent for interior design. You have amazing taste, Taurus, and despite his flaws, Quentin was by far the most stubborn and fashionable person of the season. Even if you wouldn't go so far as to try to kill a wealthy heiress, you can undoubtedly identify with his determination to ensure financial security.

Gemini - Daphne

They are endearing and manage to strike a balance between self-indulgence and kindness. This sums up Meghann Fahy's portrayal of Daphne Sullivan well. Daphne, Cameron's glitzy and quotable wife, is a stay-at-home mum who has devoted her life to raising her children. She devotes herself to Cameron, yet she still values independence and makes time for herself. In order to be happy, Daphne has discovered the ideal harmony between her dedication to parenthood and her fun-filled spare time.

Cancer - Rachel

Rachel Patton from "The White Lotus" is a quintessential Cancer character. Her caring, sensitive, and family-oriented nature, as well as her strong intuition, make her a relatable and complex character that resonates with viewers who share her zodiac sign. By delving into Rachel's character traits and understanding how they align with the Cancer zodiac sign, fans of the show can gain a deeper appreciation for her role in the series and how she navigates the challenges she faces.

Leo - Mia

Mia may have first appeared to be just along for the trip, but she undoubtedly picked up some tips from Lucia and made her own way. She did whatever it took—including drugging a man—to get employed as the hotel's new singer, and she succeeded because of her independent attitude. You're recognised as a Leo for your cheerful outlook, which Mia maintained throughout the entire season, no matter how grim things may have appeared to be.

Virgo - Dominic Di Grasso

Virgos tend to be devoted and protective, which can occasionally lead to some jealously. This may not seem like the perfect fit given that Dom is a philandering spouse, but it can work. The fact that Dom seems to be making an effort to be a better husband throughout Season 2 reflects Virgos attention to detail. He has qualities that this Earth sign would appreciate, including generosity and a focus on family.

Libra - Ethan

Although Ethan's envy nearly destroyed him near the end of the series, he was the group's most knowledgeable about books. He was in fact so well recognised for his intelligence that Cameron might have misjudged him. Being a Libra, you are a realistic thinker who hardly ever acts hastily or without first considering your options.

Scorpio - Harper

The White Lotus' enigmatic and moody protagonist, Harper Spiller, is a classic Scorpio. She is highly clever, independent, and analytical, much like a Scorpio. Harper prefers to be by herself or solely with Ethan. She is not happy to be travelling with Daphne and Cameron and finds their apparent "perfect" relationship to be a constant source of annoyance.

Sagittarius - Lucia Greco

Even as she tiptoes through the hotel's hallways wearing last night's makeup and party outfit, a Sagittarius is the only sign that can manage to seem both wild and self-assured. There is therefore no question regarding Lucia's status as a fiery zodiac sign. Sagittarius are fixed signs, thus as Lucia demonstrates, they are willing to put forth a lot of effort to achieve their goals and are tenacious once they are motivated.

Capricorn - Cameron

Cameron is *obviously* a Capricorn who loves power. He was the only person among Daphne, Ethan, and Harper whose confidence never wavered. He was also gregarious and self-assured. He is, however, also so preoccupied with his own scheme that he scarcely pays attention to his own wife's secrets. To be honest, despite the fact that Cameron's choices were undoubtedly bad, the vacation wouldn't have been as fun without him.

Aquarius - Portia

Since Aquarius is an idealistic, quirky and independent sign, they will value Portia's similar qualities. Additionally, Aquarians are frequently brilliant problem-solvers. An Aquarian companion may be just what Portia needs, given her tendency to get herself into trouble (e.g., at an Italian airport, disguised, and without any of her stuff).

Pisces - Tanya

Tanya is without a doubt the series' most recognisable character. This character, played by the queen herself, Jennifer Coolidge, loves to dream and despises any forms of criticism. She is inexperienced in her love pursuits but empathetic, sensitive as seen through her relationship with Greg.

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