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Taurus compatibility: What zodiac signs are most compatible with the bull?

Updated: May 28, 2023

The supreme pleasure-seeker of the zodiac is represented by the earth sign Taurus, which is ruled by the passionate Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and wealth. Those with other Taurus placements in their birth charts or those born between April 20 and May 20 appreciate all things creative (including music, dance, and theatre) and romantic (including mood lighting, warm, cosy blankets, and all the candles and essential oils).

Few signs have the same appreciation for opulent scents and textures as Taurus, and they are also recognised for their propensity for long-lasting relationships filled with plenty of foreplay. For the Bull, taking their time is the name of the game. They are renowned for having long fuse even when they are enraged.

Want to know what zodiac signs are most compatible with Taurus? Keep reading to find out.

Capricorn -98% match

Taurus and Capricorn make a fantastic combination. These constellations are inherently compatible with one another. Both of them are Earth signs, and they get along great. These indicators think similarly in many respects and these signs are extremely realistic and practical. They are an excellent mix.

Cancer -97%

Cancer, the sign that opposes Capricorn, is another excellent match for Taurus.

The two signs of the zodiac that are closest to home are Taurus and Cancer. Many of their hobbies and ideals are similar. They both need warmth and comfort, and they share a desire for security.

It can occasionally be challenging to distinguish between these two indicators from the outside. Natives of the Cancer sign are excellent carers who worry for the people they care about.

Virgo -90%

Virgo is yet another excellent partner for Taurus. Virgo is an Earth Sign like Taurus. This indicates that both indicators have a similar sense of being rooted in the real world.

They intuitively understand one another, and they share a lot of common ground.

These two signals can counteract each other's excesses thanks to certain significant variances between them. Virgo, on the other hand, is a sign that can inspire Taurus.

Scorpio -88%

The sign that Taurus opposes is Scorpio. Theoretically, it makes sense for two contrary signs to complement one another. However, there are some opposite sign pairs that are more compatible than others in real life. Stability is one of the key traits these indicators have in common. Both of these signs typically have a lifelong partner and take their relationships very seriously.

Pisces -85%

Pisces, on the other hand, requires a solid shoulder, someone who will be able to shield and support them during a trying time, because to their uncertainty, fragility, and impressionability. Taurus and Pisces compatibility is seen as advantageous for communication and the possibility of developing long-lasting, healthy relationships.


Unmoving fire indication Leo and Taurus are three signs apart, or square, which can be a difficult but possibly energising angle. Both fixed signs value luxury, comfort, and security and are unfailingly devoted to their loved ones. Lacking adaptability and the capacity for compromise, these two might discover that stubbornness damages a sincere relationship.

Taurus -65%

As they will agree on prioritising pleasure, art, and comfort, developing a workable game plan for moving forward, and — perhaps most importantly — moving at a glacial pace (for better or worse!) — Taureans can make an excellent match. The only problem is that this pairing has two times as much fixed, stubborn energy, so if neither Bull is prepared to give in even little, they can come to a deadlock.


While Libras want to jump from one party or event to the next to see where the moment takes them, Taureans can be traditional individuals who find it difficult to change their go-to weekend plans. Their common ruler, Venus, may be able to save this couple. So if Taurus can adopt a more adaptable mindset and Libra can respect Taurus' tried-and-true traditions, they might be able to collaborate on a touching story.

It can be challenging for the Bull and the Water Bearer to communicate because each is somewhat hell-bent on viewing the world from their own perspective. Aquarius, which is ruled by energising Uranus, wants to get out and be in the world, surrounded by anybody and everyone, but Taurus, which is ruled by pleasure-seeking Venus, is a bit of a slow-moving homebody.

Taureans tend to clash with these three signs: Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.


The Bull might find the Ram way too fast-paced because it like to move through life slowly, take up information through all five senses, and has a lengthy fuse, while the Ram might find the Bull's leisurely pace and preference for sticking with tried-and-true experiences over new ones frustrating. Aries may help Taurus get out of whatever ruts they find themselves in.

Gemini- 33%

Changing air sign Taurus and Gemini may not seem like a good match because the latter is buzzy, fast-paced, and changing while the former is sluggish, steady, and steadfast. But if they really want to, these two can teach each other a lot.

There isn't much connecting these two signs. The Bull is perfectly content—and would actually much prefer—to stay in, make comfort food, and lounge about in their favourite jumper, but the Sagi is eager to travel, get their passport renewed, and board the next aircraft without batting an eye.

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