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What is Harry Styles' zodiac sign?

The evolution of Harry Styles has been nothing less than extraordinary. After Texas State University announced they were offering a class on the X Factor alum, "Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity”, it was obvious he was a force to be reckoned with.

Born 1 February 1994, Harry Styles is an Aquarius Water Rooster in Western and Chinese astrology. The 28-year-old former One Direction heartthrob is beloved by millions and it's no surprise if you look at his Cosmic Fusion sign.

Born 1 February 1994, Harry Styles is an Aquarius Water Rooster in Cosmic Fusion. Credit: Photo by Jean_Nelson
Born 1 February 1994, Harry Styles is an Aquarius Water Rooster in Cosmic Fusion. Credit: Photo by Jean_Nelson
Aquarius traits

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and they belong to the Air element in Western astrology. They have a strong sense of social justice and are passionate about humanitarian causes. They value their independence and freedom, and as a consequence can sometimes come across as aloof or detached. They don't just dream, they feel their dreams are an extension of reality. Independent, humanitarian, and full of original ideas, they're the ones challenging the status quo and ushering in change.

Chinese Water element traits:

Water is one of the five elements in Chinese astrology. Picture that serene yoga guru combined with a sly and intuitive detective. This element is calm and adaptable, flowing like a wise river, knowing how to go with the flow. It's all about mysteries, intuition, and that soothing feeling you get when you stare at a peaceful lake. Water's the element that can navigate through any situation like a wise captain steering the ship through uncharted waters.

Rooster traits:

The Rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese zodiac. They are the confident showstoppers! Roosters are perfectionists who strive for excellence in everything they do. They have high standards for themselves and for others. They're proud individuals who enjoy being recognized for their achievements and value their reputation highly. Bold, vibrant, and proud, they strut through life with a captivating sense of style, making sure all eyes are on them.

Aquarius Water Rooster traits

When you combine Aquarius, the Chinese Water element and the Rooster, it creates a Borderline genius. There are 1440 different character combinations when you combine Western and Chinese astrology (12 Western star signs, 5 Chinese elements, 12 Chinese animals). This combination is arguably the most talented.

This wonderful, gentle, understated, loving, affable, easy going soul is blessed with inherent, innate ability and talent. Aquarians are visionaries, they're focused on making the world a better place. They're progressive souls and are by far the most humanitarian astrological sign. Equally, Water Roosters are gentle, quiet and peaceful characters with extraordinary ability. They're highly intellectual creatures, Aquarians are forward-thinking dreamers and doers and the Water Rooster is artistic and imaginative.

There's no question the Aquarius Water Rooster is primarily creative, but even if they turn their skills to more practical endeavours, the originality of their thinking has the potential to take them to a different level of greatness. They’re complex in the nicest possible way. You won't know what the Aquarius Water Rooster is thinking. Their love for periods of isolation may appear disconcerting, but all we need to know really is that they’re inherently content. All they need are the tools to enable them to implement their genius-like stock.

Aquarius Water Rooster

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