Chinese and Western astrology confirms Harry Styles is a born “genius”

The evolution of Harry Styles has been nothing less than extraordinary. After Texas State University announced they were offering a class on the X Factor alum, "Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity”, it was obvious he was a force to be reckoned with.

Born 1 February 1994, Harry Styles is an Aquarius Water Rooster in combined astrology. The 28-year-old former One Direction heartthrob is beloved by millions and it's no surprise if you look at his Cosmic Fusion sign.

Harry Styles at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA. Credit: Photo by Jean_Nelson

Genius. Now then, there are 1440 characters in combined astrology. This combination is arguably the most talented. That is a virtual fact. This wonderful, gentle, understated, loving, affable, easy going soul is, more often than not, blessed with the sort of inherent, innate ability and talent that would have your average minion weeping, wailing into the abyss.

There's no question this one is primarily creative, but even if they turn their skills to more practical endeavours, the originality of their thinking has the potential to take them to a different level of greatness.

The problem with this character though, is that they often, tragically, don’t recognise how brilliant they are. That, combined with their easy ways, can see them cruise through life under the radar - and that is, officially, one of life's greatest, greatest travesties.

They’re complex in the nicest possible way. You sure as hell won't know what the Aquarius Water Rooster is thinking. Their love for periods of isolation may appear disconcerting, but all we need to know really is that they’re inherently content. All we have to do is provide them with the tools to enable them to implement their genius-like stock.

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