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Leo full moon: How to harness the power of January's sparkling full moon

We’re in the dawn of a new era, and the first full moon of 2024 is leading the way with its luminous glow, encouraging us to believe in ourselves, and open our hearts to what the future holds.

Glimmering in the vibrant and expressive sign of Leo, this lunation marks a moment of completion and emotional culmination. When thinking back to the new moon in Leo that took place back in August 2023, how have you cultivated your creative talents, skills, and abilities? Was there an exciting passion project you decided to commit to?

During the full moon phase, the sun makes a direct opposition to the moon which, in turn, pulls the ocean tides and the water (emotions) in our bodies rise, making us as emotionally charged as ever. If just the thought of this is stressful, reflect on what’s inhibiting you from feeling your feelings fully. While there’s no reason to fear the full moon phase, the energy of Leo (ruled by the ever-burning sun) speaks about the desire for recognition, celebration, and authenticity. On the dark side, there could be a sense of pride, arrogance, and/or a lack of humility. The full moon will highlight what has yet to be acknowledged and emotionally processed. 

With Leo’s ruler (the sun) transiting the socially conscious sign of Aquarius, there is a greater emphasis on community, camaraderie, and one’s sense of belonging in the world. This, of course, goes against the lion’s desire to be the center of attention, which is why it’s so important to consider both of these areas of life at this time. For instance, the full moon will peak via 5 degrees of Leo—which astrological house does this belong to in your birth chart? Pay attention to this house (and area of life) along with the house/zodiac sign directly across, which belongs to Aquarius.  

There’s no such thing as an individual (Leo) without a community (Aquarius), and vice versa. Reflect on whether you’ve been true to your heart’s desires (Leo) and if those you choose to associate with (Aquarius) are in support of your goals and dreams. On another note, this is an opportunity to consider new ways to contribute your unique gifts for the greater good of mankind. Keep in mind, with Pluto sitting close to the sun in Aquarius, there is something being unveiled and illuminated when regarding your community affairs, and visions of the future.

Are you surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals with similar aspirations and societal values? Pluto is the planet of alchemy, transformation, and all that’s hidden beneath the surface, and its close proximity to the sun will bring new energies, not to mention hidden truths, to the surface. When considering the essence of Aquarius, this could very well revolve around your social circles, friendship bonds, and perhaps even professional colleagues.

A square to Jupiter invites you to examine your sense of self-worth, as Venus in Capricorn highlights the value of integrity, hard work, and self-mastery. What are you proud to accomplish? How can you continue to grow and expand?

We are individually and collectively stepping into a new vibration that will pave the way for the next two decades. Reflect on the identity you wish to embody and how you can potentially make a difference in the world between now and 2024. There is no such thing as another you, and that is your greatest superpower.

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