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How to use the Cosmic Fusion app

Updated: Jan 9

Cosmic Fusion is the unique synchronisation of Western astrology and the Chinese Zodiac, it takes understanding astrology to a new level ✨.

The Cosmic Fusion app is available to download from the App Store.

There are lots of features on the Cosmic Fusion app:

1. Discover your unique combined Western and Chinese sign

On the homepage you'll see you're unique Cosmic Fusion sign e.g. Taurus Water Dog. If you click CHECK PROFILE it will take you to your profile page where you'll see an in-depth character description. You'll also be able to see your ruling Western and Chinese planets and lucky Western and Chinese gemstones.

2. Uncover what your Western and Chinese ruling planets and lucky gemstones mean

There is some in-depth information into your ruling planets and lucky gemstones if you swipe to the other pages of your profile.

3. Match with friends, family and celebrities

You can match with either friends, family or celebrities. If you want to match with a friend or family member, simply click FRIEND and input their date of birth and gender. If you want to match with a celebrity, click CELEBRITY and there are over 400 to choose from.

We are always updating and improving the Cosmic Fusion app so check back for more features and content coming soon 🚀.

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