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Aquarius Season 2024 will be anything but ordinary

Every celestial season is unique in its own right, offering distinct astrological energies that are equally as timely as they are influential. What inspires you when looking towards the future? Governed by change-maker Uranus—the planet of chaos, innovation, technology, and unexpected breakthroughs—Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac, and its archetype is a representation of our ideals, higher mind, and visions of the future.

While Uranus speaks about your inner genius and unique eccentricities (the way you rebel), Aquarius has everything to do with our community affairs, social contributions, and sense of belonging. Reflect on how you can tap into your inner rebel and share these unique attributes with the masses for the greater good.

Despite being familiar with this air sign’s rebellious archetype… it’s safe to say, Aquarius season 2024 will be anything but ordinary. For instance, the sun will make its debut in Aquarius on January 20, but this isn’t the only planet making an entrance. Powerhouse Pluto—Lord of the Underworld and planet of death, rebirth, taboos, and transformation—will be re-entering Aquarius for the first time since March-June 2023. Before we summarize what this means for the collective—especially since it was the late 18th century when this revolutionary transit last took place—it’s important to note the opposing energies stemming from the sun and Pluto. For instance, where the sun is our greatest source of energy, Pluto represents the shadows lurking within and all around us. 

Don’t take this literally, but you can look at it this way: If Wednesday Addams naturally embodies Pluto’s macabre-loving archetype, her happy-go-lucky roomie at Nevermore Acadamy, Enid Sinclair, plays the role of the sun. So, what exactly happens when both of these polar-opposite energies come together? Let’s consider the essence of Aquarius, first and foremost, as it has everything to do with community affairs, social causes, and collective consciousness.

That said, the sun’s luminosity could shed light upon the darker attributes of these Aquarian themes, both in our individual birth charts and at a macro-level. Pluto will stay in Aquarius until it stations retrograde and re-enters Capricorn in September. You can always look back to March-June 2023, which serves as a prelude to this highly anticipated transit. But all in all, the influence of Pluto will be revelatory and transformative, specifically when it comes to matters of society, innovation, technology, and those you choose to associate with.

On that note, and when considering other Aquarian themes (i.e., colleagues, networks, aspirations, hopes, dreams), the moon will renew itself via this fixed air sign on February 9, which, in turn, offers you a chance to explore a social cause you resonate with or perhaps connect with a group of like-minded individuals who share similar visions for the future.

Go-getter Mars will eventually join Mercury and the sun in Aquarius on the 13th before making a triggering conjunction with Pluto on the 14th. This could potentially inspire the urge to rebel against the status quo or redefine your approach towards a specific community. Venus follows the red planet’s footsteps (joining Pluto) on February 16-17, adding a layer of passion and intensity to relationship and friendship dynamics.

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