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Selling Sunset zodiac signs: Find out what every cast member's zodiac sign is and what it means

The competitive and glamorous world of Selling Sunset is one of Netflix's biggest reality TV successes. From high-stakes real estate drama to open house catfights and fiery negotiations, there is no shortage of drama in every episode.

It's no wonder when you delve into the casts Western and Chinese zodiac signs. Their cosmic makeup and astrological traits shed a lot of light on each character's personality. Scroll to find out what every member of the core cast is.

Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn on the red carpet from Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn from Netflix's Selling Sunset. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Jason and Brett Oppenheim - Aries Fire Snakes

It's no wonder these realtor twins have built an empire from the ground up. There is so much fire in their cosmic makeup, it's almost impossible for them to fail. The Aries Fire Snake is one of the most ambitious signs in combined astrology. They also have a sizeable ego. They're in love with being the boss, but they're also the King of delegation.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Jason and Brett Oppenheim are Aries Fire Snakes. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Chrishell Stause - Cancer Metal Rooster

The Queen of Selling Sunset is a nurturing tough nut. Her Western sign is empathetic, intuitive, nurturing and kind. However, her Chinese zodiac sign is driven, tenacious and unapologetically ambitious. She certainly won't back down easily.

Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Chrishell Stause is a Cancer Metal Rooster. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Emma Hernan - Capricorn Metal Goat

A complex but fascinating character. Capricorn Metal Goats possess an enormous amount of creative ability and serious talent too. They’re impressive on many levels. They’re hard-working, conscientious, have tonnes of drive and ambition and also have a genuinely compassionate soul. And let's not forget how much Capricorns love making money...

Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Emma Hernan is a Capricorn Metal Goat. Credit: Deposit Photos and PopularImages

Mary Fitzgerald - Leo Metal Monkey

A bubbly, joyful ball of positive energy. This one was born to be in the spotlight, both the Leo and the Monkey are ruled by the Sun, the planet of that represents the core essence of yourself - your self-expression, vitality, creativity, and ego. This is one seriously ambitious lion and they will make sure they succeed. Nothing will stand in their way and, fortunately for them, they have the charm, ambition, energy and zest for life to achieve it.

Mary Fitzgerald from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Mary Fitzgerald is a Leo Metal Monkey. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Christine Quinn - Libra Earth Dragon

Despite her villain edit on Selling Sunset, she's actually a bit tamer than you might think. She's still a fiery dragon but the balance-loving Libra and grounding Earth element mellow her out quite a bit. Not only are they creative, but they're also confident, self-assured and natural performers.

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Christine Quinn is a Libra Earth Dragon. Credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Heather Rae El Moussa - Virgo Fire Hare

A detail-oriented and compassionate gem, with a little fiery exterior. She has a wonderful artistic zeal and imaginative brain. A calm, soothing, reassuring environment is the best place for her to function, so maybe Selling Sunset isn't the best environment for that!

Heather Rae El Moussa from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Heather Rae El Moussa is a Virgo Fire Hare. Credit: Deposit Photos and Jean_Nelson

Chelsea Lazkani - Aquarius Water Rooster

Her sign says she's incredibly talented and creatively brilliant. The Aquarian Water Rooster is destined for success thanks to their intellectual, creative and original brain. This individual is so beautiful, kind, incredibly compassionate, thoughtful and understanding. They also need their own space to truly thrive and recharge.

Chelsea Lazkani from Selling Sunset on the red carpet
Chelsea Lazkani is an Aquarius Water Rooster. Credit: Deposit Photos and PopularImages

Amanza Smith - Sagittarius Fire Dragon

Amanza's sign is the definition of fiery, feisty and sassy. Sagittarian Fire Dragons are tough, occasionally tactless, outspoken, fairly short-tempered, spontaneous and about as reckless as anyone could ever wish to be. It’s mainly due to the Fire Dragon's total inability to resist temptation. Life will never be dull in their company.

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