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Scorpio season 2023: When does it start and what does it mean for my zodiac sign?

A mystical transformation begins as the air becomes charged with an intense and enigmatic energy. Yes, it's that time of year again...the start of Scorpio season!

Beginning on the 23rd October, this is a time where your hidden desires are uncovered, and you can embrace your inner phoenix rising from the ashes. One of the reasons Scorpio season tends to be so intense is because they technically have two ruling planets - Pluto is responsible for Scorpios' need for transformation, while Mars gives Scorpios their irresistible and fiery aggression.

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Scorpio season tends to be so intense is because they technically have two ruling planets

Aries, Scorpio season is putting your relationships under the microscope this month. You’re one of the most independent signs but you’re learning that everyone, including you, needs others sometimes. All your relationships are being highlighted this month - romantic, platonic, business and familial. Recognize how you depend on the other person and how they depend on you.

Taurus, Scorpio season is here to quash any drama in your life. All your relationships are at the forefront - business, familial, friendships and romance. The intense Scorpio energy is encouraging you to face any issues you might have with people, just be honest and move on.

Gemini, Scorpio season is here to help you dive into the world of work. You've been working harder than ever recently but try not to go overboard, it could start to really take a toll on you. Routines aren't the easiest thing for you Geminis, but the Scorpionic energy is all about restructuring your routine and setting schedules for yourself. It will pay off in the long run.

Cancer, given we're in Scorpio season (your fellow water sign), you're feeling very in sync with your feelings and emotions - more than ever. The Scorpio's intimate, deep, emotional style of loving matches up perfectly with your innate Cancerian traits. This month is all about romance, embrace it!

Leo, this Scorpio season is all about resting, relaxing and recharging. Enjoy some time at home and spend it with your family and friends. It's a time for introspection and reflection. You might be feeling a little nostalgic thanks to the intense Scorpionic energy. Work on yourself and remember it's okay to say no!

Virgo, this Scorpio season is all about messages and communication. Are there any major conversations that you've been putting on hold? If so, now is the time to talk. You'll feel a million times lighter if you release the things on your mind. The Scorpionic energy is activating your chart’s communication zone. As well as talking, listening is also important.

Libra, this Scorpio season is all about deciding who and what is really important to you. Thanks to the intense and workaholic energy of Scorpio, it’s a great time to think about your finances and your budget. This could be the perfect month to ask for a raise or a bonus or to take a leap of faith in your career. Remember, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Scorpio, you're ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation (and Mars). Your birthday month is an opportunity for new beginnings. It represents the beginning of a new cycle, so focus on yourself, your wants, your needs, and your goals. Scorpio season is all about you! The things you manifest now will likely have long-term significance, so be careful what you wish for.

Sagittarius, the deep, intimate and intense nature of Scorpio season might feel like a drastic shift for your fiery, adventurous self. It's not a bad month, just a more unpredictable month. Are you holding onto an old relationship or friendship that is no longer serving its purpose? Rid yourself of any negative energy. Meditate, dream, and dive deep this month.

Capricorn, you tend to stick to who and what you know. However, Scorpio season is encouraging you to form new friendships and get out of your comfort zone. Tap into the charismatic, social, and unique side of yourself. Go to networking events, hang out with your friends and focus on meeting as many people as you can.

Aquarius, you're in the spotlight this month, especially on the work front. The Scorpio energy is helping you realise your potential. It's your time to ask for a promotion, all of the accomplishments you make now are helping streamline your upwards mobility. Work hard now, and you can play even harder later!

Pisces, your fellow water sign Scorpio is urging you to connect more deeply than ever with others. You're blessed with innate intuition and a spiritual psyche. Who is it you want to connect to? You have the opportunity to discover all sorts of things you never knew about them. Stay open-minded and be receptive.

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