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Mercury in Scorpio: How To Harness The Intensity, Focus & Magic

Can you keep a secret?

Save your lighthearted approach for another day (preferably an air-sign season), and let your shadow side come out to play. In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, there will be no room for small talk, because we’re about to get up close and personal with Mercury the messenger making its official debut in taboo-loving Scorpio.

After bringing mental focus to themes of compromise, companionship, amicability, and open-mindedness via the harmony-seeking sign of Libra, Mercury returns to the Underworld in Scorpio on October 22nd, where it will remain until November 10th. When Mercury travels through the depths of forbidden Scorpio, the veil between both worlds is thin; the mind becomes a brooding psychic radar absorbing all that is alive and breathing within the hidden unconscious.

Scorpio sign
Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury influences our communication style and thought process, and in mystifying Scorpio, its words are as bewitching as they are razor sharp. Hypnotically driven by its powerful ruler Pluto — aka Hades, “The Unseen One” and God of the Underworld — it’s Scorpio that emanates some of life’s greatest mysteries. In this fixed water sign, Mercury’s words carry the vibration of a whispering incantation, and our thoughts are often overshadowed by Pluto’s haunting presence.

Secrets also remain hidden under lock and key, unless given an all-access pass to the darkest corners of the psyche. It’s no wonder mischievous Mercury thrives when transiting the revelatory sign of Scorpio. It is, after all, the only deity able to travel in and out of the Underworld, making its observations all the more clever and cunning.

Cue the Dracula music! *Insert the narrating voice of horror-legend Vincent Price here* When Mercury transits Scorpio, intensity reigns over diplomacy, and the ghosts of your ancestors peer out through your mind’s eye. Mercury penetrates through the darkest parts of the unconscious when in Scorpio. It can also resemble the Death card in the Tarot, as it is a depiction of the “Messenger of Death.” On that note, if you’re naturally fascinated with the occult and all things taboo, this deeply investigative transit is for you. Moreover, if your five senses (what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) suddenly heighten at this time, this is no coincidence. You’ll want to be sure to double-check where this fixed water sign comes to life in your birth chart, as this is the area of life that will be under Mercury’s magnifying glass.

A brilliant hybrid of detective-like evidence and psychic awareness, don’t be surprised if you gain surprising insight on unspoken topics and/or general mysteries during this time. All that is hidden beneath the surface becomes illuminated under this transit, so pay attention to what’s coming up for review. In Scorpio, Mercury is on a forbidden quest for answers, caught in-between the light and the dark. Remember, the zodiac sign Mercury transits through not only determines the theme of our mindset, but also the atmosphere within our immediate surroundings. In Scorpio, Mercury approaches themes of communication and day-to-day affairs with the curiosity of a mystic. As above, so below.

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