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Mars in Scorpio 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Say goodbye to indecision and people-pleasing, because action-oriented Mars has officially concluded its journey through justice-seeking Libra! Although both the sun and Mercury are currently transiting this harmonious air sign, the North Node in Aries (the energy we are individually and collectively called to embrace) is fuelled by none other than go-getter Mars.

This is important to keep in mind, as the red planet has officially returned to its traditional sign of rulership, Scorpio, for the first time since December 2021. In astrology, Mars is the planet of action, assertion, combat, energy, and red-hot passion.

Mars planet and Scorpio zodiac
Mars has officially returned to its traditional sign of rulership, Scorpio

Whether in a birth chart or an astrological transit, the Roman God of war (Mars) is a symbol of our power, confidence, and sacred masculinity. (If you’re familiar with the film Troy, Achilles’ (portrayed by Brad Pitt) aggression and insatiable rawness would be the perfect example of Mars’ expression.)

The zodiac sign Mars transits through, however, can determine everything from our levels of assertion to our carnal instincts. Look at it this way: Mars is similar to the fuel we put in our car, otherwise it can’t get us from point A to point B. Now, while traditional astrology considers Mars in Libra to be in “detriment,” Mars is “domicile” in Scorpio. This is equivalent to being in its fullest expression, which is when planets are able to maximize their potential. In Scorpio, the planet of action and energy is fierce and impenetrable.

Between October 12 and November 24, ravishing Mars will take a deep dive into the Underworld in Scorpio, where the desire for intensity and smoldering passion dances with the fear of betrayal. Surely, the highs will be high and the lows will be low — because the essence of Scorpio is nothing short of polarizing — but if harnessed correctly, we can truly make the most of this formidable transit. In the meantime, check which astrological house belongs to this fixed water sign in your chart; this is where you will experience the passion and alchemizing effects of Mars in Scorpio.

As you can imagine, every astrological transit and zodiac archetype has a positive and a negative. In the case of Mars in Scorpio, rage and volatility can easily stem from obsession and/or jealousy. Feelings of defensiveness are also quite common during this transit, and it’s because of Scorpio’s fixed waters which on the darkside, resemble the stagnancy of one’s deeply buried emotions. This is precisely why finding the right outlet to channel this fixed energy (Mars in Scorpio, literally) is essential. Scorpio escorts the unseen forces that exist in the universal realm; therefore, its true essence cannot be categorized. Its Plutonian vibration uniquely describes an all-embracing emotion of both extremes.

On a more provocative note, given Mars’ innate carnality which very much resembles that of Scorpio, this intensity-seeking Mars transit is an aphrodisiac for the sexual libido. Passions and desires are all-consuming, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. A secretive strategist with an insatiable appetite, look out ‘cause here comes Mars in Scorpio!

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