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Sagittarius season 2023 is here and it's going to be an adventure

After journeying through the depths of the Underworld in Scorpio, the sun officially debuts in high-vibing Sagittarius on November 22, where it will remain until December 21. If there’s one word to describe the transition from Scorpio season to Sagittarius season, it’s reincarnation. This is because when considering the divine order of the zodiac, Sagittarius’ archetype comes to life after the soul’s metamorphosis in Scorpio. It’s the “light” at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Depicted by the centaur, half-human and half-spirit, Sagittarius season offers us a chance to attain spiritual wisdom.

Governed by bountiful Jupiter—the planet of abundance, blessings, expansion, and spiritual wisdom—the energy of Sagittarius revolves around the infinite possibilities all around us. This celestial season, in turn, allows us to expand—mentally and spiritually—as part of our journey to self-discovery. Which astrological house belongs to this mutable fire sign in your chart? Enthusiastic with a lust for life, the archer aims its arrow toward the infinite sky, representing Sagittarius's overarching perspective. That said, this astrological season serves as a reminder of your endless potential and free spirit.

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Sagittarius zodiac
The sun officially debuts in high-vibing Sagittarius on November 22

Are you ready to get your adventure on? With Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter retrograde via the security-seeking sign of Taurus, we are being supported as we venture outside of our comfort zone, specifically regarding our self-worth, sources of income, and sense of stability. For instance, let’s say you’ve been inhibiting yourself from exploring other options in your personal life or perhaps stressing about whether to take a leap toward a lucrative business venture. With both the sun and Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, we are (individually and collectively) encouraged to consider a higher perspective.

Taking the high road is most definitely Sagittarius’ modus operandi, but we also can’t get too carried with this kind of optimism. After all, in addition to its abundant generosity, the Greater Benefic (Jupiter) is notorious for doing things in excess, so be discerning with your fiery urges to carpe diem. On a more sobering note, the sun will face off with taskmaster Saturn on November 23, which isn’t the most optimistic of transits. While the sun in hopeful Sagittarius longs for joy and excitement, Saturn in Pisces asks us to remove our rose-colored glasses. This could feel like a big wake-up call or reality check.

In any event, don’t be so hard on yourself. These are just growing pains, and rest assured, Saturn will reward you for your resilience when the time is right. In the meantime, look to the astrological house that belongs to Gemini (across from Sagittarius) for November’s full moon on the 27th. More importantly, think back to the new moon in this mutable air sign that took place on June 26, as it could bring something full circle in this area of life. Themes surrounding communication, curiosity, and immediate exchanges could be of greater emphasis, specifically when considering the bigger picture (Sagittarius) of your long-term goals.

Speaking of mercurial themes, the messenger planet will be in its pre-retrograde shadow phase as of November 25, so be mindful of your conversations and plans, especially those you’re not necessarily willing to commit to. You’ll also want to double and triple-check your travel itinerary before the holidays, as the messenger planet will station retrograde in Capricorn on December 13, increasing the likelihood of there being a business vs. pleasure mix-up.

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