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New Moon in Scorpio 2023: A time of intensity and transformation

What parts of yourself are you ready to shed and release?

Is there something you’re aspiring towards, or hoping to transform? Throughout this wildly enigmatic season, the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms is slim to none. Governed by penetrating Pluto — Lord of the Underworld and planet of death, rebirth, and the hidden unconscious — it’s no wonder this fixed water sign emanates such a profound passion. For those of you wondering, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our birth chart, so check which astrological house it belongs to for more reference on how/when you’re most likely to use your stinger!

Scorpio delves into the depths of everything. In addition to being an emotionally driven water sign, its waters are part of the fixed modality. This means Scorpio’s water element (a symbol of emotion and intuition) is equally all-consuming as it is consistent with its objective. Its unyielding waters flow profoundly, which is why Scorpio’s Plutonian nature serves as a catalyst for the cycles of life, death, and renewal. Allowing ourselves to tune into these deeply charged energies is a lot easier said than done, but everything about this season encourages us to face the truths that lie within. Your metamorphosis awaits.

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Luna will renew itself via 20 degrees of Scorpio on November 13. The new moon phase marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle. This occurs when the sun joins forces with the moon via the exact same degree of a zodiac sign.

While the moon represents everything from our emotional landscape to our divine feminine energies, the sun is symbolic of our ego, physical identity and sacred masculinity. Together, the sun and moon present us with a clean slate and a new beginning every month, so consider this an opportunity to recharge and start again. When considering the essence of Scorpio, reflect on the emotional and physical power you’re hoping to tap into.

To spice things up—perhaps, a lot more than you’d think, this new moon will sit alongside Mars in Scorpio, which is a lot. Remember, Mars is the planet of war, aggression, assertion, desire, and passion. It’s also in its domicile when transiting Scorpio, which means its natural strengths are incredibly heightened and powerful. This is a new moon on steroids. As if this wasn’t already enough, the sun, moon and Mars will make a direct opposition to rulebreaker Uranus, the Great Awakener and the planet of chaos, disruption, defiance, and unexpected breakthroughs.

Although this sun-moon-Mars in Scorpio synergy is formidable in its sheer potency, Mars’ electroshock interaction with Uranus is where things can go from zero to 100 quickly—and not in a good way. That being said, be sure to harness the dynamic synergy of this new moon conjunct Mars wisely, as the planet of disruption could simultaneously bring some unexpected chaos. Despite having the courage and confidence to assert yourself in a powerful way (whether personally and/or professionally), it’s best to tread lightly with this energy, because it’s a lot more reactive than it seems.

Rituals to do this New Moon:

  • Rest: Pay attention to your intuition is always productive under the new moon phase, so choose your battles carefully.

  • Setting Intentions: Write down specific, positive, and achievable intentions or goals.

  • Visualisation and Meditation: Close your eyes, visualize your goals and desires, and feel the emotions associated with achieving them.

  • Journaling and Reflection: Reflect on the previous lunar cycle. Write in your journal about what you've accomplished, experiences gained, and lessons learned.

  • Cleansing and Clearing: It could involve smudging with sage or incense to clear your space, using salt baths or showers for personal cleansing, or decluttering your living or work environment.

  • Moon Water Ritual: Collecting moon water under the new moon is a practice believed to imbue the water with the moon's energy. Some use this water for cleansing, rituals, or simply for its perceived spiritual benefits.

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