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What does Mercury retrograde mean and when is it happening?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There's a strong chance you can attribute your current feelings of fatigue and confusion—a sense that you're simply not yourself—to Mercury retrograde.

Mercury in retrograde occurred between April 21 to May 14 2023. The next one will occur from August 23 to September 14 2023. You should always look at how Mercury retrograde will impact each zodiac sign because it will always provide a more in-depth understanding of what this experience means for you.

What Exactly Is a Retrograde Mercury?

Although the word "retrograde" comes from the Latin "to go backwards," it's vital to remember that planets do not actually go backwards; our Earth-bound perspective causes them to appear to. When a planet is retrograde, it appears to be stationary before visibly moving backwards and tracing curly cues in the sky; when planet stations direct, it appears to be stationary once more before gently gaining speed and moving forward.

How exactly should I get ready for retrograde Mercury?

The next retrograde, which lasts for about three weeks, has a tendency of bringing back unresolved conflict from your past, especially if a conversation has been put on "read" for an excessive amount of time. Mercury's retrograde motion through the zodiac draws attention to issues that haven't been resolved, giving you a chance to find a resolution and put the past behind you.

Let's look at each sign's significance in relation to Mercury's retrograde motion.


You've just finished the Aries season, so you've probably given a lot of thought to how much you've changed over the previous year. Mercury will turn retrograde, which will test your entire sense of self-worth, especially if you've been placing bets on the wrong things. It will, however, force you to reconsider what you choose to match your principles with. Take your time, as this retrograde will offer you more time to get your bearings before moving into the future.


Taurus, get ready because this Mercury retrograde literally has your name on it. The event could cause a complete reevaluation of the self. Taurus, who "are" you? During this retrograde, you may feel less willing to express yourself to others and more inclined to converse with yourself, so don't be scared to delve within. What are your thoughts?


Gemini, get ready to dig deeply into your own mind. But even if you have fears, your desire to succeed will overcome them, especially if your emotions are also what drive you the most. Use this retrograde to accept forgiveness and to make sincere progress towards letting go of whatever is no longer your burden to bear.


Not feeling it, are you? If so, it makes sense given that Mercury is stationing retrograde in your community-related 11th house, which could make you feel like leaving the party even though you've just arrived. At this stage in your life, you may feel confident in your choice to put some distance between you and others, but by doing so, you're also making room for new people to enter your sphere.


Leo, it's time to temporarily set aside your competitive nature as some of your professional ambitions may be affected by this retrograde Mercury, especially if they were already on a shaky foundation. Especially if this retrograde knocks you down a few pegs, you might even feel prepared to work your way back up to a position of strength, knowledge, and confidence! Maintain your modesty because this retrograde has taught us all something.


A little lost, Virgo? Accept delays and detours that require you to take the path less taken because this Retrograde Mercury may lead you down an unexpected path. 

By the time this retrograde is over, you'll have gained knowledge and had experiences that you could never have imagined for yourself.


You might be in the mood to pay off bills and assess the degree of your assets' returns, Libra. It's time to find out where any missing money may have gone if there is any, especially if your assets haven't been well-organized. The process of letting go and moving on, rather than money, could be the focus of this retrograde.


Get ready to examine your connections in great depth, Scorpio. It's time to reexamine your entire conception of cooperation and harmony. This may remind you of the agony of past disappointments and heartache, but only so you can recognize how far you've come. While you're mending, Scorpio, you might come to grips with some relationships you're ready to end (and others you're eager to rekindle).


A significant change in how you take care of yourself will begin with this Mercury Retrograde, Sagittarius. It's time to carefully consider the routines and habits you rely on to get through each day. Do they encourage your best development? Like a muscle, efficiency requires hard labour and proper relaxation.


Ready yourselves, Capricorn! Although this Mercury retrograde may first be challenging and perplexing, the experience may ultimately out to be fascinating (and alluring). You might even feel like you're in the mood to develop a passion for someone new or that you're ready to make your relationship more romantic.


Even though you may yearn for human interaction, Aquarius, happy home life is not without its challenges. Do you have a laundry stack in your room that you keep putting off folding? Do you and your family members have a conflict? You are being encouraged by Mercury's retrograde motion to mend your bond with your roots as you nurture the new ones you have been planting.


Uh-oh! Remember, Pisces, to think before you speak while Mercury is retrograde to avoid putting your foot in your mouth. The most important thing to keep in mind is to double-check every correspondence and ensure that you have a backup of your key documents because technical faults could be unavoidable. Allow this retrograde to inspire you to speak with intention rather than self-satisfaction and to teach you how to find the appropriate words to say what you want to say.

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