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Venus in Virgo: A Time For Cultivating Mindfulness In Our Personal Lives

Although there are a number of reasons why I consider the ancient wisdom of astrology to be nothing short of fascinating, the unique mythology and archetypal essence surrounding each planet is truly infinite. There’s always magic in the details, and this is especially significant to consider now that the goddess of the cosmos (Venus) is making its sparkling debut in the meticulous sign of Virgo. Finally concluding its journey through Leo since it first entered on June 5 (and was retrograde between July 22 and Sept. 3, 2023), Venus will begin to transit this mutable earth sign on October 7, where it will remain until November 8.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, money, pleasure, relationships, and values. As per the Roman myth, Venus was worshiped for her beauty, charms and talents, specifically the art of seduction. Similarly, wherever Venus goes, an irresistible lure of come-hither energy follows. Where do you have the planet Venus in your birth chart? Which zodiac sign was it transiting through on the day you were born? If you have an exact time of birth, check which astrological house it’s occupying in your chart. Hint: the zodiac sign’s characteristics describe your charms, talents, and seduction style. The house is the area of life where this celestial energy comes to life, and expresses itself most comfortably.

Virgo goddess
Venus is making its sparkling debut in the meticulous sign of Virgo

With this in mind, it doesn’t hurt to check which astrological house belongs to Virgo in your chart, as Venus will be bringing harmony, sweetness, as well as opportunities for financial growth to this area of your life. More importantly, when considering Virgo’s celestial archetype and mercurial energy, the more grounded we are in our approach, the more likely we are to prosper. Virgo is practical, methodical, modest, resourceful and strategic. This mutable earth sign governs everything from our day-to-day routines to our mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Whether you look at it in terms of your personal and/or professional life, Virgo steps in to simplify, streamline, and tidy up its surroundings.

I don’t consider myself a traditional astrologer, but it’s no wonder the traditional texts refer to Venus being “in detriment” when in the sign of Virgo. After all, there’s nothing this deity/goddess planet loves more than indulging in its sensual pleasures… and well, that’s Venus in Virgo’s last resort, if that. Despite Venus’ selfless devotion and brilliant budgeting skills when transiting Virgo, the goddess isn’t necessarily the most expressive or romantic whilst activating this sign. The same goes for financial splurging and “self-love” treats, as Venus in Virgo tends to approach themes of love and romance from a minimalist perspective. On the darkside, Virgo’s precision and attention to detail can result in criticism, perfectionism, and unrealistic expectations.

Contrary to traditional astrology, I believe there is something divine and energetically destined in each astrological transit, and Venus in Virgo is no exception. For instance, despite Virgo’s conservative approach, we can all benefit from taking a closer look at our financial budget, passion projects, and one-on-one relationships. What can you improve? What can you simplify? If you’re cultivating a new artistic talent, consider this an opportunity to become more hands on. Those of you who aren’t necessarily looking to perfect your craft, but to work on your relationship instead, it’s time to have the “talk.” What are the logistics looking like? Is there an equal amount of give and take in this connection? What needs to be reworked?

Good luck, and godspeed! ♥

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