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Love Is Blind cast - Based on their zodiac signs here are the most controversial contestants

Love is Blind has captured the hearts and intrigue of viewers worldwide. The innovative dating show, where contestants form deep emotional connections without ever seeing each other, has redefined the quest for love.

Some bold and unapologetic characters have graced our TV screens, but do you know what their zodiac signs are? Find out the unique astrological signs of some of our favourite and most controversial contestants.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey on the red carpet
Netflix's Love Is Blind is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Shayne Jansen - Taurus Earth Snake

It's no wonder Shayne's the life and soul of the party at every LIB gathering. He's a charming, luxury-loving and very decadent character. While incredibly strong and self-assured, they love to look after themselves (all Snakes do to be honest). Both Taurus and the Snake are ruled by the planet Venus, the celestial embodiment of beauty, love, and indulgence. He wants a life steeped in luxury, opulence and has an innate appreciation for the finer things in life. He's also very wily and savvy.

Shake - Virgo Earth Dragon

Of course cocky Shake is a fire-breathing dragon in Chinese astrology. He loves power, control and certainly holds himself in high regard. He is pretty ambitious and has a good work ethic. He has an impressive inner confidence that carries him through life. He's not remotely insecure and genuinely doesn't care what anyone thinks about him.

Nick Thompson - Taurus Wood Ox

Nick is a scarily strong character. He might not come across that way on TV... but his astrological makeup is certainly powerful, impressive and authoritative. You definitely don't want to get on his bad side!

Shaina Hurley - Virgo Earth Snake

Shaina and Shayne had an initial spark from day one in the pods, and although they didn't get engaged, it seems as though their "friendship" caused some issues in their own relationships. It's no shock when you look their astrological signs as they are practically identical! Being an Earth Snake, Shaina is also a luxury-loving and very decadent character. It's a shame they never made it work...

Danielle Ruhl - Scorpio Water Rooster

Deep, mysterious and secretive... well that's what her astrology sign says anyway. Danielle was always the dark horse in LIB, which is no surprise when you look at her zodiac sign. She keeps close counsel and chooses her inner circle very carefully.

Kyle Abrams - Leo Water Monkey

Kyle had no problem chasing after Shaina, even though she kept telling him they shouldn't be together. When you look at his zodiac sign, it's no wonder he was so bold with his actions. The Leo Water Monkey is proud, confident, unapologetically honest and definitely won't take no for an answer.

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