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Jupiter Retrograde 2023: Reflect On Your Values & Self Worth

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

On September 4, lucky Jupiter — also known as the Greater Benefic, and the planet of abundance, expansion, wisdom, and blessings — will station retrograde in stability-seeking Taurus, where it will remain until December 30, 2023.

The ancients considered retrograde cycles to be productive in terms of spiritual growth, as they present us with an opportunity to go inward, and confront the unconscious parts of ourselves that are being illuminated at this time. For reference, this could be anything from a past person coming back around for closure to significant insight that shifts your perspective in a big way.

On September 4, lucky Jupiter will station retrograde in stability-seeking Taurus
On September 4, lucky Jupiter will station retrograde in stability-seeking Taurus

In addition to being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is one of the slower-moving planets, as it takes about 12 years to orbit the sun. The gas giant first entered dependable Taurus on May 16, where it has continued to highlight themes surrounding our finances, values, assets and perception of security.

On the dark side, however, Jupiter expands everything it comes in contact with, so indulgence and excessive behaviour are also likely under the influence of this transit. In Taurus, this could include laziness, fixation and/or living above our means. For reference, reflect on the above themes and think back to June 2011 and 2012, as this was the last time Jupiter was in Taurus. More importantly, check which astrological house belongs to this fixed earth sign in your chart. This is where you’re currently experiencing a significant amount of growth, and wisdom.

Between now and the end of the year, Jupiter will slow down in order for us to individually and collectively reassess our beliefs, hopes, and ideals, specifically when regarding the Taurean energies in our birth chart. For instance, let’s say you have a Taurus-ruled seventh house, which rules commitments, partnerships, marriage, and significant others.

This could suggest there being a series of breakthroughs in your one-on-one partnerships, whether personally or professionally speaking. Jupiter retrograde, on the other hand, could essentially put a magnifying glass on the partnerships you’re being overly optimistic about, or perhaps compromising too much for. Feel free to apply this to the astrological house(s) Jupiter is transiting through in your chart, but also ask yourself: Are you over-indulging? Are you being practical? Does this truly align with your long-term goals?

Jupiter is also a representation of our faith… and well, there are no coincidences in astrology. Trust that whatever is being brought to your attention at this time is happening for a reason. Jupiter’s energy is equivalent to zooming into a photo on your smartphone, or maximising a window on your computer screen.

In any event, it’s important to pay attention to what’s coming into view. With Jupiter retrograde zooming in on your value systems, spending habits and sense of stability, you’re being called to reflect, reassess, and re-evaluate the situation at hand. The Greater Benefic is also a symbol of higher learning, so consider this an opportunity to see things from a higher perspective, and perhaps even take the higher road while you’re at it.

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