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Mars in Libra 2023: A Time for Commitment and Compromise

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Put your reading glasses and very meticulous checklist away, because Mars is officially concluding its journey through analytical Virgo on August 27. Don’t get it twisted, we are still very much in the thick of Virgo season, but with go-getter Mars—planet of action, assertion, desire, energy and passion—making an exit, we’ll be less preoccupied by the need for productivity, organization and perfectionism. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but we can all use a bit of fresh air, don’t you think?

Before assuming it’s all butterflies and sprinkles with this light-hearted transit, I feel obliged to note that traditional astrology believes Mars is in detriment when transiting Venus-ruled Libra. Detriment is another way of saying weakened or frustrated, which makes sense when considering the essence of warrior-like Mars, and that of harmony-seeking Libra. For instance, where Mars would normally confront the situation at hand and fight battles when necessary, Mars isn’t assertive let alone aggressive when transiting diplomatic Libra. This is why traditional astrology believes it to be unsupportive of our desires and goals, as it is prone to triggering collective feelings of indecisiveness and uncertainty when it comes to taking action. On the dark side, Mars in Libra can also be the root of passive aggressive behaviour, as a way to avoid confrontation at all costs. On that note, since you’re now familiar with the low lows of this Mars transit, let’s skip to the good part!

Between August 27 and October 12, the red planet will inspire a desire for commitment, compromise and meeting others half-way. After all, similar to the way Libra’s cardinal air prefers to weigh out all of its options, there is an opportunity to obtain balance and harmony in both our personal and professional lives at this time. For those of you wondering how this transit could potentially affect you, check which astrological house belongs to charming Libra in your birth chart. This is the area of life where you will be greeted with Mars’ kickstart energy, passion and confidence. Moreover, think back to October 2021 and December 15 for reference, as this was the last time Mars was in Libra. (Fun fact: it takes Mars approximately two years to orbit around the sun, and return to a zodiac sign.) I always suggest browsing your social networks, and revisiting your posts during that time for clarity on what took place in your life.

In any event, be sure to harness the energy of Mars in Libra in time where justice is needed. The same goes for moments where you’re seeking compromise, or contemplating an important decision. There is greater opportunity for balance, but it’s up to you to stand your ground. Mars is also the planet of sex, which can add a layer of charm and diplomacy to your love making. Here, Mars is driven by its desire for all things simpático; relatability and the mere sound of someone saying “me too” is an aphrodisiac. Tap into it when you’re looking to join forces with someone personally, or professionally. The cosmos is pouring you this energy drink, so sip sip. On a superficial note, we are more likely to prioritize aesthetics and visual scenery over more foundational elements, so don’t lose your balance.

This year’s Mars in Libra will be especially intriguing as it will transit the same sign as the South Node of Destiny. As you may know, the moon’s nodes are activated during eclipses, making their aspects all the more karmic and energetically destined. In the meantime, ask yourself: what are you willing to commit to, and is this really worth compromising for?

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