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How to harness the magic of February's full moon in Virgo

With a full moon in Virgo unfolding, one thing’s for sure: it’s time to get your ducks in a row.

Governed by clever Mercury, the planet of communication, mental processes, and one’s immediate environment, the essence of Virgo is rooted in productivity, purification, and resourcefulness.

Think back to September 2023 (the new moon in Virgo), specifically regarding your mental and physical well-being. How has your day-to-day routine evolved since? Are you committed to your health habits? Have you been maximizing your levels of efficiency? Whether personally or professionally, these are questions to consider under February’s sparkling full moon. 

Full moon
Full moon in Virgo

Before we discuss the intriguing astrology of this lunation, let’s take a closer look at the spiritual meaning of the full moon phase and the magic it contains. Think of the full moon as a big, bright spotlight in the sky, casting its glow upon us all. (Logistically, this takes place when the moon is in direct opposition to the sun; the moon being a representation of our inner world and emotional landscape, while the sun represents our identity and external reality.)

The full moon phase is not just a full-circle moment; it’s a time for celebration, heightened energy, and powerful revelations. This is when Luna brings light to what’s been hidden from our conscious mind in order for us to see things as they are, both within and around us.

The moon will reach its peak of fullness on February 24 at 7:30 a.m. EST, via five degrees of Virgo. Yes, it’s time to get your critique on… but, not so fast. With Mercury (the full moon’s planetary ruler) officially transiting the elusive sign of Pisces, it’s safe to say that the messenger planet isn’t necessarily up to speed. After all, it’s no surprise Mercury’s in detriment in this mutable water sign, as it is more likely to dream and idealize than it is to approach situations logically and practically. Despite the grounding and enlightening energy emanating from a Virgo moon, we’re being called to go deeper during this Mercury transit.

For instance, do your daily rituals and habits align with you at a soul level? While we would normally use this time to declutter our living space and organize our thoughts, this lunation is encouraging us to go inward, first and foremost. It’s a reminder that order and clarity start within and, from there, naturally extend to our surroundings.

Mercury's proximity to the Sun and Saturn in Pisces could reveal unknown yet essential insights and perhaps even trigger challenging discussions. Something significant is being illuminated, and the influence of the sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Pisces is equivalent to a breaking point; this is the completion of a spiritual cycle.

On a more optimistic note, the full moon will be in harmony with lucky Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity. This could inspire us with a sense of hope amidst the nebulous fog that is Pisces season. Allow the influence of Jupiter to serve as a compass for your full moon journey, because even in times of uncertainty, there are opportunities for growth.

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