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How to find Cosmic Fusion's My Cosmos feature and what it means

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Let your star signs and planetary alignments guide you on your journey through life with Cosmic Fusion.

A cutting-edge personalised astrology app, it provides you with an in-depth look at your personality and life path, detailed insights into the stars above, a full moon forecast for the month ahead and all the information you need to make informed decisions about your relationships, career and finances.

You may have heard of horoscopes, but do you know how to interpret them? Don’t worry. The Cosmic Fusion app includes customised Chinese New Year horoscopes and features celebrity compatibility as well as deep dives into all the topics of interest for you.

Whether you're a passionate student of Chinese Astrology or a keen observer of celebrities and each month's zodiac, this app is for you.

The Basic and Premium versions of the subscription are different in price, features and functionality.

The stars have aligned to bring you a monthly subscription that updates automatically with the upcoming full moon and its significance on your zodiac sign. We'll also send you tips on astrology, must-know planetary events, celebrity news and more in our blog section.

With My Cosmos, you'll never get lost in the stars again. It tells you what star sign season we're in, what that means for your specific Western sign, and what Chinese year we're in. Moreover, it tells you what Chinese year we're in and what that means for your personal Chinese element and animal (this changes every Chinese New Year).

How do I get the Cosmic Fusion App?

Are you a budget-conscious stargazer with a thirst for knowledge? Cosmic Fusion is the app for you. We are currently offering a 70% discount on our premium subscription so that you can keep up-to-date with all of the latest celebrity news, astrology and planetary events.

The planets have aligned for us and we are now available on both: Apple and Android. We created an app that helps you find and follow your passions, so with Cosmic Fusion, you can get the universe in your pocket.

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