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Prince Harry’s zodiac sign explains why he released his bombshell tell-all memoir Spare

Updated: May 7, 2023

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictured at the Platinum Jubilee. Credit: Deposit photos Jean_Nelson

Born on September 15th 1984, Prince Harry falls under the Virgo Wood Rat signs in the Western and Chinese Zodiac. A Rat can be considered a renaissance person, with an amazing amount of common sense and an ability to “rough it”, whilst a Virgo is known to be industrious and meticulous.

These two different personalities come together in this combination, making them full of ingenuity, resourceful and down-to-earth; they are happy people who enjoy a quiet life but are never boring.

Prince Harry: The embodiment of his sign - The Rat

Known for his charm and charisma, Prince Harry is also a brilliant, adaptable and quick-witted individual - all qualities that are associated with those born under the Rat in the Chinese zodiac.


Harry has travelled the world and seen himself in a myriad of situations that have required him to adapt fully to. As an eagle scout, Harry’s life was always centred around the outdoors and has always been open to the unknown.


Prince Harry is a jokester at heart. He’s loved telling jokes since childhood, and he especially enjoys telling them to his brother, Prince William.

Despite his great qualities, he can sometimes be blinded by decisions that are not very well thought through and that can have repercussions he hasn’t imagined - such as the effect of the memoir that launches today, 10th of January 2023.

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What does the Virgo Wood Rat sign say about Prince Harry?

This is an attentive and persevering man who will stand by his life principles, even if this means taking the longer, and sometimes more arduous way. His ideas are innovative, inspiring and progressive and he will often be surrounded by people who draw inspiration from him. What he achieves in life is through his hard work so he may sometimes act like a role model.

This man will quietly measure his words, but he might be more willing to speak up. He's a good listener and is highly capable of working on his own. He may appear aloof or censored because of his heightened sense of shame.

Healthy and robust, he is energetic and creative. His mind is keen and his intelligence is quick. He likes to initiate new projects but needs partnership with others who have a balance of emotional and intellectual strengths for successful completion.

What does his astrology sign say about his bombshell tell-all memoir Spare which was released today?

Sometimes insecure and worrisome, Prince Harry took everyone by surprise with his newly launched memoir which goes into a lot of detail about his family’s issues. He defended his decision to publish a memoir that lays bare rifts inside Britain's royal family, calling it an attempt to tell his own story after 38 years of “spin and distortion” by others.

In his new book, Harry has spilled the beans on his childhood growing up as a member of the Royal Family, detailing his difficult years suffering from anxiety and self-doubts upon the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, back in 1997 when he was only 12.

Prince Harry’s book is written with raw honesty and is expected to shake the lives of the royals and raise concerns amongst them, most notably his father King Charles, 74, and his older brother Prince William, 40.

Harry promises readers that they will finally learn about his life, straight from his mouth. "I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I've learned over the course of my life so far and excited for people to read a firsthand account of my life that's accurate and wholly truthful," he continued.

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