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Do you know your ruling planets in Chinese and Western astrology?

You might spend your entire life studying astrology and still feel like there is so much more you should know because it is such an endless source of information and self-discovery. Calculating your unique Chinese and Western zodiac sign is a great place to start.

Although your sun sign is probably something you already know, it only scratches the surface of who you are. Everything will start to make more sense after you also know your Chinese element and animal. Your ruling planets for each zodiac sign shed even more light on your unique personality.

Don't know your ruling planets? Download the Cosmic Fusion app to discover your planetary rulers in the cosmos and what that means for you personally.

If you are interested in astrology, you have undoubtedly already heard others discuss their natal planet and wondered, "What planet rules me?" This is because each zodiac sign has a planet that has a significant effect on them.

Understanding the influence of the planets in astrology can provide valuable insights into your personality and life path.

Cosmic Fusion's planets feature offers a comprehensive guide to the galactic cosmos and what each planet represents in the zodiac. Discover what planet rules each zodiac sign in the cosmos.

Aries: Mars

Your governing planet is Mars, and this planet is associated with passion, conflict, competitiveness, and danger. In a sense, you are a superhero, prepared to take on anything which most would flee from! Your life is an adventure. Mars has you brimming with fiery ambition and passion, glowing all day and illuminating every place you go.

Scorpio: Mars and Pluto

Scorpio, you technically have *two* ruling planets, which makes you one of the unique ones. Mars comes first. You receive a huge amount of life power, passion, and intensity from this planet. You don't fear anyone, and you enjoy competing. It sets you on a collision path with Aries, the sign of your Mars twin. Together, when your goals are aligned, you are unstoppable. But if you're not, then goodbye! Pluto, the ancient deity of the underworld, rules regenerative powers, the origins and endings of life, and is your other planet. As a result, you have an innate attraction to the enigmatic, esoteric, and spiritual.

Taurus and Libra: Venus

Venus, the sister planet to Earth, governs both of you. Venus has an impact on the arts, pleasure, feelings, romance, and romantic relationships. It fosters cravings for extravagant living (ask your credit card), romantic relationships (ask your Tinder DMs), and remarkable creative aptitude (ask everyone: you've got a terrific eye for pretty much everything). You both have luck in love thanks to Venus, thus you never lack admirers because they just naturally gravitate towards you.

Gemini and Virgo: Mercury

Despite the fact that fastidious, buttoned-up Virgo and free-spirited gossiper Gemini don't appear to be compatible cosmic twins on paper, you do have Mercury as a ruling planet in common. As a result, you both share a talent for communicating and the ability to speak and write persuasively. You're quick-thinking and sharp. Virgos and Geminis are constantly on high alert for danger and on the lookout for fresh information and change. You frequently run into each other because you're always one step ahead of the game.

Cancer: The Moon

The lunar goddess Moon is your planetary ruler, Cancer. You're someone who is guided by your emotions and thanks to the fluctuating phases of the moon, your mood too is like a kaleidoscope. You tend to adapt to the Moon's ongoing waxing and waning. Additionally, you are naturally connected to the invisible, unconscious, and inner worlds. Therefore, nothing escapes you. Your intuition can reveal any lie or secret, and you probably won't even be able to describe how.

Leo: The Sun

Leo, the charismatic and bold lion is ruled by our brightest celestial object, the Sun! Basking in its warmth and brightness and naturally at home in the solar system's centre. You adopt the entire "I'm the centre of everything" mentality into your own personality as well. You expect to hold people's attention and, with practice, you develop the ability to do so effortlessly.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

You are the most fortunate of all the star signs because Jupiter, the planet of abundance, opportunity, and prosperity, rules your sign. No matter how nasty things become, you usually land on your feet and survive. Basically, your motto is "Go hard or go home."

Pisces: Neptune

Neptune, the mystical and mysterious planet rules your sign, which causes you to be drawn to and particularly good at things that require instinct and intuition. Always follow your heart, Pisces; it tends to lead you in the right direction. You have some psychic powers that are extremely valuable.

Capricorn: Saturn

You and Saturn are both serious individuals, Capricorn. Obstacles, restrictions, discipline, accountability and obligation are all represented by this ruling planet. Saturn forces you to face reality and remove whatever illusions (or foolishness) you may have about what life is really all about (i.e. working hard, am I right?).

Aquarius: Uranus

Uranus, the planet that rules you, is known for disruption, the unusual, unexpected, innovation, and change. It's possible that some people will describe you as somewhat quirky or at the very least unique, and this is thanks to Uranus' influence on you. You are aware of who you are and how unique you are.

Now let's find out what planets rule the Chinese zodiac signs

Jupiter: Rat

Jupiter, a planet of expansion and luck, rules the Rat. Jupiter is associated with fortune, luck and wealth, it is known as an abundant planet. It represents prosperity and opportunity. Rats are the ones who are encouraged to seize the moment with passion and move forward confidently.

Saturn: Ox

Saturn, the planet of hard lessons and discipline, rules the patient and persistent Ox. Recall that professor in school who was really tough on you but who, years later, you thanked the universe for because they taught you those important skills that allowed you to get where you are today? Saturn is your cosmic teacher. Ox people have a strong sense of devotion, discipline, and focus. They represent Saturn's hardworking energy. They are people who are not afraid to face obstacles in order to accomplish their goals.

Uranus: Tiger

The Tiger epitomises Uranus in many ways because it is the Chinese zodiac's ultimate renegade. Uranus is all about challenging convention and pursuing change. Tigers are the zodiac's quirky enigmas because of this. They are notably renowned for their daring nature, which they need in plenty if they want to be the change they want to see in the world. They march to the beat of their own drum.

Neptune: Hare

The Hare promotes harmony and abhors confrontation. Additionally, Hares are amazing healers and nurturers who frequently put the needs of others before their own. Their kind personalities represent Neptune's ethereal and intuitive spirit, which aids in the transition from the material to the spiritual. Hares are renowned for their grace and humility.

Dragon: Mars

Mars, the planet of passion, action and power, rules the regal Dragon. This comes as no surprise considering how highly respected and revered the great Dragon is in Chinese astrology. Dragons are all about embracing one's power and unleashing it on the world, and Mars is the pinnacle of self-empowerment. Someone with this sign possesses immense strength.

Venus: Snake and Dog

The Chinese zodiac traditionally considers the Snake to be the most intuitive and enigmatic sign, and they highly value aesthetics. Snakes are drawn to the finer things in life, much like Venus, the planet of love, beauty and material possessions. Venus is the planet of giving and receiving love, and Snakes exude an elegant and irresistable aura. The Dog is a morally upright individual. They want the world to be a better and more lovely place. Venus enables individuals to see the world in a lovely light while also being able to identify where it may be improved. Dogs are motivated by fairness and balance because of this.

Mercury: Horse and Rooster

The Horse is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and information so it's is no surprise that the quick-thinking Horse has this planet as its ruler. Mercury gives them the ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively. Horses will often be charming in their communication and they will often be gifted writers and artists. Roosters are more expressive in their communication and are also very talkative. Because they are quite flamboyant, Roosters are always easy to spot! They enjoy conversing and are frequently animated and engaged. They have strong opinions and feelings that they express bluntly.

The Moon: Goat

The Chinese zodiac's Goat is the most creative and artistic sign, and the Moon grants them access to their subconscious, which is where their beautiful creativity comes from. The Goat also benefits from strong intuition thanks to the Moon. The Goat is a highly emotional person with a heart of gold because the Moon is the planet of emotions and deep feelings.

The Sun: Monkey

Monkeys have the potential to shine in the spotlight and are overflowing with confidence and charisma. This is thanks to the force of the Sun, the source of our ego and the essence of who we are. Monkeys are ardent and self-assured individuals who want to be noticed and recognized!

Pluto: Pig

Pigs are quite complex characters despite their affable and easygoing outer persona. The Pig is someone who enjoys life to the fullest because Pluto reminds us that life is fleeting and transformative. As a result, the Pig has an instinctive need to transform and evolve on all levels.

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