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These 4 zodiac signs are the most jealous in Western astrology

Jealousy is a weird emotion that frequently results from insecurities and self-doubt. The feeling can be a complex mixture of dread, tension, and fury. Beyond only relationships, jealousy has a negative impact on one's physical and mental health. People who are consumed by jealousy may feel increased blood pressure, heart rate, adrenaline levels, reduced immunity, anxiety, and even insomnia.

According to astrology, some zodiac signs are thought to be more prone to envy because of the impact that their ruling planets have on their personalities. This doesn't mean those who are prone to jealousy have unsuccessful romantic relationships. it just means they should be aware of their Achilles heel. If they are aware of their jealousy triggers they can develop appropriate coping mechanisms. So what zodiac signs do you think are the most jealous?

Scorpios are renowned for having ferocious jealousies. They frequently level false allegations motivated only by jealousy because of their intrinsic lack of trust. They struggle to control their envy as even the smallest interaction between their lover and another person might set it off. Never condemn someone for having a small amount of jealousy. Occasionally experiencing this feeling is very natural. Jealousy, for instance, can stem from envy of a neighbour's more expensive vehicle. Or the superior laptop of a coworker. Things are a little bit different for the Scorpio.

For them, jealousy comes in the first place, followed by vengeance. A Scorpio would absolutely pay you back if you annoy or hurt them, that's why they say they have a sting in their tail! Scorpios are passionate individuals that harbour resentments and become quite serious when enraged. They relish getting revenge. When a Scorpio feels jealous, they feel it all the way. These people have a hard time controlling their jealousy, and they are among the zodiac signs that are the most possessive, so they are well familiar with how it feels. Before they realise what just transpired, a Scorpio will send their unfaithful lover out into the streets. A Scorpio will never rekindle a relationship, especially if their spouse has been unfaithful.


Leo's enormous ego will keep them from acting jealously too frequently. They find it hard to believe their partner might prefer someone else after spending time with them. However, Leo's inner nature is anything but fiery and self-assured. They are sensitive and weak. Leos are naturally born leaders who truly rule when they are around other people. They are gregarious and enjoy grabbing attention. Their disposition encourages adoration and joy. Everyone wants to be close to a joyful Leo. He or she rarely becomes upset for romantic reasons; instead, it's more likely that they feel out of control of the situation. When threatened, they turn into despots that restrict you from even socializing with others.

If a Leo is feeling envious, they will begin comparing themselves to the other person and will try to highlight all of their weaknesses. They prefer to hide their feelings of envy since they think they are superior in every manner, which makes them less charming with their partner.

Pisces sincerely cares about others, even if it necessitates giving up some things or missing out on opportunities. When jealous, Pisces can act in one of two ways. Because they are mutable signs, they have an odd duality. As a result, sometimes they become overly sensitive and begin to imagine all kinds of things, and other times they are understanding and won't take their partner's flirting with another person too seriously.

A Pisces is typically highly demanding with their relationship. And the Pisces will suffer in silence if the other half is unable to fulfil. Unforgiving, Pisces has a propensity to get overly sentimental if a relationship isn't working out as expected. They begin to lack focus and make rash decisions. Having said all of this, it is necessary to point out that Pisces don't often get angry. When provoked by jealousy, they would prefer to be sad rather than angry. They are so understanding and forgiving that they begin blaming themselves rather than the unfaithful partner, which is strange about them.

The Pisces believe that if they had been flawless, their lover would still be with them now.

Taurus sign natives have a tendency to be both covetous and possessive. There is no reason why you shouldn't treat them the same way because they will. By taking these steps, you may be sure that even on your worst days, you will always have a support system nearby. Possessions is the noun that best describes the Taurus zodiac sign. It can be typical for a Taurus to view you as "belonging" to them. The Taurus has a close affinity with the Scorpio and struggles with letting go of things.

They operate on the appurtenance principle in their relationships, and if they put in time and effort to make an affair successful, they will believe the partner is theirs. When they get just a little bit jealous, they start to look into things, which may make them even more envious. They are incredibly devoted to their partners and believe that everyone is similar. They might be making a mistake here. The couple begins to question what to do and launches their inquiry at the first inkling of suspicion. Depending on what they learn next, they may act jealous or separate from their spouse.

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