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Everything You Need To Know About September's Harvest Moon in Aries

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The full moon phase can be a pivotal moment in our emotional world, as it not only brings awareness to what's been hidden from our conscious minds, but also serves as a full-circle moment within our personal lives. This lunar phase takes place every month, when the sun makes a direct opposition to the moon, creating friction between our ego and physical surroundings (sun), and our emotional foundation (moon).

Did you know that these ever-glowing luminaries (sun and moon) have the power to influence the ocean tides, as well as the water within our bodies? In fact, up to 60 percent of the human body is made of water; hence the heightening and intensity of our emotions (water) during the full moon phase.

On that note, amidst the sun’s journey through harmony-seeking Libra, the moon reached its peak of fullness via 6 degrees of assertive Aries on September 29 at exactly 5:57 a.m. ET. Often referred to as the “harvest moon” — the full moon that occurs closest to the start of autumn, as per NASA — its name derives from the days before electricity, when farmers used the moon’s glimmering light when harvesting their crops late in the evening.

According to, the harvest moon is typically larger than most, and has a warm orange and amber hue when rising near the horizon. The vibes seem very appropriate with October right around the corner, but I digress.

In the meantime, check which astrological house belongs to 6 degrees of Mars-ruled Aries in your birth chart. This is the area of life where you’re bound to experience a full-circle moment of sorts. Remember, while the sun represents your ego, the moon rules your inner world. This is precisely why the full moon phase is often referred to as a call for balance, as we are being encouraged to reflect on where there’s a possible disconnect and/or instability, specifically when regarding our internal vs. external reality.

The same goes for personal v. professional, emotional vs. physical. Hint: The sun in Libra is equivalent to the energies surrounding your physical reality, while the moon in Aries represents your inner longings, passions, and desires. Now that you’ve got the gist on how to read the full moon energy, let’s take a closer look at Aries’ cardinal fires. The first sign of the zodiac, it’s no wonder Aries is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars, as it not only has the energy and confidence to initiate an entire journey around the zodiac, but also the sheer passion and grit to take the lead in the process.

Believe it or not, we all have Aries somewhere in our birth chart, despite whether you happen to have personal planets in this fire sign. The astrological house governed by Mars/Aries is the area of life where you’re more likely to take the lead, and thrive upon being confronted with a challenge. Mars is assertive, combative, energizing, enthusiastic, passionate, and overzealous.

September’s full moon is putting a spotlight on our unconscious, specifically when regarding the Aries themes mentioned above. For instance, when reflecting on your personal desires and self-autonomy, how are you feeling at this time? Consider the sun’s journey through Libra as well, which is where we’re likely flooded with commitments, connections and relationship energies that require a certain amount of compromise. Having said that, are these two areas of your life in alignment with each other? If you’ve been entertaining the thought of starting a new project, or taking the lead in your personal/professional life, would this be a burden to your relationship?

Full moons always stem from the energetic contradiction that occurs between the sun and moon, but this lunation is most definitely a conundrum. As if the polarity of Aries-Libra weren’t enough, Aries’ ruler Mars (which also happens to be the ruler of this full moon) is currently transiting justice-seeking Libra, a zodiac sign where Mars isn’t able to express itself fully.

Remember, Mars wants to go to war for what it desires, but Libra is seeking validation from others in hopes of being relatable, and in harmony with its surroundings. So while in the midst of confronting your personal desires at this time, don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly indecisive about next steps, or perhaps even seeking some sort of assistance.

It gets even more interesting, as Mars is currently sitting alongside the South Node in Libra, which is what we’re being called to release, surrender, and move away from for our highest good. For instance, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this relationship in alignment with your true North?

  • Are these commitments benefiting you in the long term?

  • Have you been unconsciously compromising your identity and/or authenticity, for the sake of keeping the peace in a connection?

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