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Venus in Pisces: Exploring love through rose-colored glasses

On March 11, the love planet Venus concludes its highly cerebral journey through Aquarius, where logic, intellect, and unconventionality influence our romantic pursuits.

Also known as the goddess of love in Roman mythology, Venus governs our relationships, finances, pleasures, and value systems in astrology. But in this fixed air sign, the celestial matchmaker encouraged freedom, individuality, and open-mindedness, allowing us to explore matters of love and romance without judgment and a willingness to embrace the unconventional.

How have your views on love evolved? In what ways did you embrace individuality and nonconformity in your romantic relationships? 

As one Venus transit closes, another begins! Alexa, play “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift.

Get ready to be swept away! Venus embarks on a magic carpet ride through the mystical sign of Pisces that same day at 5:50 p.m. ET,  where it will remain until April 5. As Venus swims through the depths of this mutable water sign, she invites us to surrender to the romantic fantasies and undercurrents of our dreams. The epitome of a magical fairytale, Venus exalts (works effectively) in Pisces' dreamy waters, casting an enchanting spell over matters of the heart. In this numinous sign, love knows no bounds, and emotions are enveloped in a sea of empathy and compassion. 

Immerse yourself in the magic. Whether in love or as a muse of inspiration, Venus in Pisces brings forth a mystical synergy of art and spirituality. Pisces is, after all, governed by Neptune—the planet of dreams, subconscious realms, and universal love—so with love planet Venus in the mix, this is an opportunity to explore the depths of your emotions and tap into higher states of consciousness. Under this otherworldly transit, love epitomizes a transcendental experience, reminding us to embrace the beauty of our dreams and follow our hearts.

On the dark side of this whimsical transit, Venus' journey through Pisces makes us collectively prone to idealizing and escapism, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. While this hazy elusiveness resembles Pisces' planetary ruler, Neptune, remaining vigilant against self-deception is essential. It's easy to get lost in the fantasy of the love story when the love planet is in Pisces, so it's important to be mindful of deception or illusions that don't align with the truth of a situation. Fall in love, but don't lose your discernment. 

There are a number of aspects to consider upon Venus’ debut in Pisces. The love planet will join forces with taskmaster Saturn on March 21, prompting us to take a more serious and disciplined approach to matters of the heart as well as our creative endeavors. This conjunction could also bring a sense of responsibility and maturity to our relationships, urging us to confront challenges or limitations with patience and determination.

Shortly after, Venus will harmonize with bountiful Jupiter on March 24, bringing optimism and expansion to our relationships, musings, and manifestations. This could be a serendipitous opportunity or a dream becoming reality. A liberating sextile with change-maker Uranus will follow on March 28, sparking unexpected shifts and breakthroughs, whether creatively or romantically. Be careful what you wish for.

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