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Venus in Libra 2023: A time for an equal amount of give and take

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest goddess of them all?

Although traditional astrology looks to the essential dignities of each planet (i.e. exalted, detriment, domicile, and fall) to determine the strength behind its celestial persona, there is something unique in every astrological transit. With that said, the attraction and general affinity we have towards the planet of love is almost inevitable when considering Venus’ dazzling debut in Libra this month, as the goddess of the cosmos also happens to be this cardinal air sign’s planetary ruler.

It isn’t hard to imagine why planets thrive when in their sign of rulership—don’t you feel more comfortable in your own home? Nothing against this placement, but Venus is considered in its “fall” in Virgo, as it tends to prioritize perfection and the mundane, as opposed to harmony and pleasure. In Virgo, the goddess of love is cautious, modest and overly critical, and the same energy was reflected onto our creative pursuits, spending habits, and romantic relationships.

Libra zodiac sign
Venus in Libra 2023

Mark your calendars, lovers! After almost four weeks journeying through the meticulous sign of Virgo, the cosmic coquette will return to its home-sign Libra on November 8. In astrology, Venus is a symbol of one's beauty, desires, relationships, values, and seduction style. When sashaying through charming Libra, Venus is lighthearted, pleasant, and eager to meet others half-way.

Venus in Libra is a relator, persuader, and an undeniable flirt. (By all means, go on and get your flirt on when Venus is in Libra!) Also, be sure to check which astrological house (area of life) belongs to this harmony-seeking sign, as this is precisely where the goddess planet will grace you with her presence. What does that mean, exactly? From a romantic standpoint, Venus increases the chances of you experiencing love. This could be admiration, self-love, or even agape love. Financially, Venusian energy is incredibly valuable, lucrative and worth the investment. So much so, she’s equivalent to the Empress card in the Tarot. Venus is the entire package.

Upon Venus’ debut in Libra, there will be a collective desire for harmony, camaraderie, and connection. For reference, this would be an ideal Venus in Libra setting: a charming soiree in an aesthetically pleasing environment surrounded by friends and loved ones popping bubbly. Can you picture it? The vibes are sweet, pleasant, and diplomatic; therefore, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is aggression, tension, or conflict. On that note, let’s discuss the shadow side of this alluring transit, because there’s no such thing as perfect. Venus in Libra’s desire for balance and harmony could lead to people-pleasing behavior, as a way to avoid conflict at all costs. Don’t get it twisted—this is a chill transit with more pros than cons, but balance is still necessary.

It’s important to note that Venus will conjunct the South Node of Destiny on November 29. Whether it be a relationship or a commitment, discern between what’s comfortable vs. of value to you in the long run. With the North Node in Mars-ruled Aries (and Mars conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius) don’t be afraid to explore the unknown, and venture outside of your comfort zone.

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