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This is your most alluring trait based on your zodiac sign

We all know the classic characteristics associated with the zodiac signs. But do you know what your most desirable trait is?

Scroll to find out what makes you so unique and attractive.

Goddesses in art
Discover your most alluring trait based on your zodiac sign


Aries, you have innate fearlessness and self-belief like no other sign has. You know all eyes are you when you walk into a room and you always stand your ground no matter what. Your unapologetic honesty and confident glow is why you're the leader and first sign of the zodiac.



Taureans, you are by far the most sensual sign in the zodiac. Physical touch is definitely one of your preferred love languages but you like to experience intimacy with all five senses. You are enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury.



Geminis, you have a way with words and a way with people. Your light, magnetic and effortless energy is what is most attractive about you. People are drawn to your playful and spontaneous nature.



Cancers, you are the kings and queens of nurturing. But what you also are is hugely romantic. You are true passion seekers and as one of the most romantic and sensitive signs of the zodiac, you lead with your heart as opposed to your mind.



Given the lion is your zodiac symbol, it's no surprise that boldness is at the top of your list of attractive traits. You have that magic dust when you enter a room and you love nothing more than interacting with like-minded people.



Virgos, did anyone ever tell you that being brainy is sexy? Your keen analytical mind and an honest and upfront approach is hugely attractive. You can make sense of anything and you can see through anything. Nothing gets by you.



Libras, given your zodiac symbol is the scales, you already know you're the justice seekers of the zodiac. Your balanced and fair approach to life is what sets you apart from all the other signs and is why you're hopelessly devoted creatures in relationships.



Passion, affection and excitement are the things that drive you, Scorpio. You're passionate nature goes beyond just sex. You also need to get to know people on a deeper and more intense level, not just the physical.



Sagittarians, people are drawn to your adventurous, spontaneous and go with the flow personality. You have a natural charm and charisma that comes effortlessly to you. You brighten every room you walk into and have a way of making people feel at ease.



It might not sound like the sexiest quality but your ambition and motivation is what makes you so attractive, Capricorns. You always push yourself outside of your comfort zone and never relent in your quest for success, and that's sexy.



Aquarians, you are arguably the most magical of all the zodiac signs. You have an enchanting and mystical way about you that makes you so alluring. Your love for humanity and desire for change is what makes you so special.



Pisces, your gifted intuition is what makes your dreamy personality so captivating. Your sixth sense abilities tell you when a person's intentions are genuine or not, which is why you're always one step ahead of the game.

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