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Chris Pine's Virgo Metal Monkey horoscope explains why he's such a heartthrob

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Chris Pine, 41, was born August 26, 1980, making him a Virgo Metal Monkey in combined astrology.

The Don't Worry Darling actor has been gracing our screens for over two decades.

Chris Pine. Credit: Photo by Featureflash

The Virgo Metal Monkey is a great combination. The debonair, fun-loving, ambitious Metal Monkey alongside the disciplined, sensible Virgo. It's got success written all over it.

Okay, there's a little inner angst going on in terms of the Metal Monkey side putting just a little too much emphasis on partying, whereas the Virgo side would just like to set about taking over the universe.

There's a real ambition here, the Virgo, Metal and Monkey all crave success but, more importantly, all three are willing to work very hard in order to reach their extremely lofty goals. The Virgo/Metal combo is so astoundingly conscientious that even the pleasure seeking Monkey feels compelled to toe the line.

The Virgo just gives this Metal Monkey the edge over their peers because they know when to stop partying and knuckle down. They’re charming in a vaguely understated way sometimes - and overtly so when bravado occasionally kicks in. If you were an employer and employed an army of Virgo Metal Monkeys, you'd make a tonne. They're quality.

Conscientious with just enough charm and a real understanding of what makes people tick. They're efficient and absolutely on the ball too - not many Monkeys could lay claim to that, but this one can. The Virgo Metal Monkey is impressive on many, many levels.

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