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Selena Gomez Is The Ultimate Mother

Updated: Jul 3

Selena Gomez is the epitome of feminine energy and a true Cancerian. She works as a producer, actress, and singer. When she was 10 years old, she landed her first acting gig when she starred opposite Demi Lovato on the television programme "Barney and Friends." She was given guest starring roles on "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" while she was a teen.

The multi-hyphenate understands how to feel all the feels, as audiences saw in her 2022 documentary "My Mind & Me", and that potent empathy seems to be a driving factor in her life and relationships. Do you know what her Chinese zodiac sign is though?

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez on the red carpet. Photo credit: Deposit Photos and imagepressagency

Selena was born on July 22, 1992, making her a Cancer Water Monkey in Western and Chinese astrology. Scroll to learn more about the magical Cancer Water Monkey.

Here are the Cancer Water Monkey's distinctive qualities:

  • Western sun sign: Cancer = Nurturing. Caring. Altruistic. Sensitive. Kind.

  • Chinese Element: Water = Flexible. Adaptable. Caring. Emotional. Easy-going.

  • Chinese animal: Monkey = Witty. Intellectual. Positive. Infectious. Competitive.

The Moon is noted for ruling the water sign of Cancer. The crabs of the zodiac are known for making safe havens for themselves inside the confines of their living surroundings and are particularly focused on their home and comfort. Be aware of any potential mood swings because the sign can also be very emotional. Cancers are also renowned for having endearing personalities and frequently exhibit fierce loyalty and commitment to people they value most.

When you blend her Western sun sign with her Chinese element and animal, it's quite a combination. You have the nurturing and emotional Cancerian, mixed with the flexible and gentle Water element, combined with the intellectual and playful Monkey. It’s a wonderful mix of traits.

The family and all relationships are extremely important to the Cancer Water Monkey. Canerians are natural-born protectors, they care deeply about the home and the family. Career-wise this sign has so much potential; Cancerians have quite brilliant business brains (they tend to think outside the box) and the Monkey is a crafty opportunist.

The only thing with this combination is they can be quite emotional, as Cancerians are ruled by the moon. They’re strongly driven by their emotions therefore their moods can be easily influenced by those around them. They’re natural empaths who have the ability to tap into other people’s feelings.

The Monkey definitely adds a sense of strength to her overall character. Out of all the combinations that exist in Western and Chinese astrology, this is by far one of the most caring, altruistic, kind and empathetic souls. The Cancer Water Monkey has a magnetic personality and they are simply one of the happiest and most playful combos in astrology.

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