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From Compassionate To Intuitive, Here Are 10 Words That Define Cancer

It's Cancer season! Whether you are a Cancerian or you're just vibing with one, you’re in the right place. Here are 10 words that totally capture the essence of a Cancer, with some extra details to give you the full picture.

Ruled by the fluctuating and emotional Moon these crabs are super sentimental and sensitive. Let’s dive in!

  1. Empathetic: Feels all the feels and vibes with everyone, always understanding your mood without a word.

  2. Intuitive: Trusts their gut more than Google Maps, always knowing what's up even before it happens.

  3. Nurturing: Basically, the mom friend of the group, always making sure everyone is good and has snacks.

  4. Sensitive: Low-key cries at those cute puppy videos, and might get teary over a heartfelt text.

  5. Loyal: Ride or die, no questions asked, always there for you no matter what.

  6. Emotional: Heart on sleeve, 24/7, experiencing everything deeply and passionately.

  7. Protective: Will fight for their squad like a superhero, always looking out for their loved ones.

  8. Creative: Artsy and always full of cool ideas, from DIY projects to unique solutions.

  9. Homebody: Prefers cozy nights in over wild parties, the king/queen of Netflix and chill.

  10. Compassionate: Always there with a shoulder to cry on, offering the best advice and warm hugs.

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