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How to harness the power of the New moon in June 2023 for your zodiac sign

You'll need the energy of New Moon in June 2023 to kickstart the summer. The new moon in June 2023 was on Sunday June 18, 2023 12:37 AM ET. Today, June 25, 2023, the moon is 7 days old and is currently in the waxing crescent phase of its lunar cycle.

The new moon occurred in Gemini, however we are now in Cancer season, the time of year when the astrological aligns with our desire to nurture, comfort, and connect with people, both new and old. Keep in mind that a New Moon is never the right time for solutions or big changes. Now is the time to trust your instincts. Have faith in the universe and in yourself!

Today, June 25, 2023, the moon is 7 days old and is currently in the waxing crescent phase of its lunar cycle.
Today, June 25, 2023, the moon is 7 days old and is currently in the waxing crescent phase of its lunar cycle.

Given that it happens a few days before the Summer Solstice, this will also be the fourth new moon of the Spring 2023 season. Look at your sun or rising sign in accordance with your astrological birth chart to get the most accurate reading of how the New Moon in June 2023 will affect you based on your zodiac sign.

During the New Moon in your third house of communication in 2023, your head is positively humming with fresh ideas. This will probably coincide with the overwhelming amount of notifications and messages that are stacking up on your phone. During this lunation, Aries, you're sort of the belle of the party, and you'll be busy. Don't let it all overwhelm you; follow your interest instead. Answer the call of your heart, possibly even literally, and pay attention to who or what you wish to react to. Pay attention to where your thoughts go since they will point you in the direction of your new course. 

Taurus, you've got your eye on something, and the June 2023 New Moon will certainly make you tempted to fulfil that need to indulge. Your task during this lunation is to investigate what you're drawn to buy and then ask yourself why. It has the energy of "add to cart" written all over it for you. Keep an open mind regarding your desires. It's not about beating yourself up for them, but rather about exploring your desires. You'll get closer to realising what you desire the more you analyse your motivations. And other times, all you get is that "thing"; perhaps that's okay.

Your sparkling wit, which enchants everyone you meet? Spend it on getting to know the most fascinating person in your life—you—even better. You are encouraged to continue to be curious about who you are, what you like, and what you want to be by the June 2023 new moon in your first house of the personal self. Be aware that you have not yet met everyone you will love in this life. Recognise that you by no means know everything there is for you to learn in this life. You never had all the answers, so you don't need to have them now. All you have to do is keep gathering information and working.

Your inner critic may be raising some competing opinions, but you are being encouraged to listen to yourself and trust what your intuition is telling you. Consider all the ways you can be kinder and thus a greater friend to yourself as the June 2023 new moon falls in your twelfth house of the subconscious. Because you provide kind support and an open mind, your friends come to you when they need advice. They act in this manner because you are kind. But are you like that regarding your own perceived failings and flaws? This madness pleads with you to silence the voices that prevent you from realising that you are wonderful being everyone cherishes.


Be ready for some intriguing new developments in your social circle as this New Moon illuminates your eleventh house of organisations and networks. And Leo, you're welcome to join us on the journey. Additionally, it serves as a cosmic reminder that change is the one thing that remains constant in life. Lean into it as a result rather than fighting it. The time has come to start and keep a healthy level of curiosity about potential future developments.


You've reached a crossroads in your profession, Virgo. Just maybe you don't know it yet. You are being encouraged to think about all the ways you are prepared to move forward but might be holding yourself back because this New Moon is activating your tenth house of vocation. Though the stars are currently aligning to bring you fresh opportunity to do more of what you love, your concern may be of failure or change. should continue engaging in activities that fuel your curiosity and creativity. Trust the process to get you there securely as you follow your heart.


Where does your innate thirst for knowledge take you? Where does your spirit of exploration lead you, Libra? You are being encouraged to follow your instincts when it comes to where you want to develop and discover new things by the June 2023 new moon, which is in your ninth house of travel and wisdom. Do you have a yen to travel simmering inside you? Don't be afraid to live the life you've always wanted to live since there are auspicious new beginnings taking root in the way you view the world and your place in it.

You have a lot of depth and intelligence, Scorpio. You have an inquisitive mind, and this New Moon, which is in your eighth house of intimacy and secrets, is inviting you to reconsider how you relate to other people. Most significantly, you're encouraged to change the way you view yourself. Asking others questions and paying close attention to their responses while remaining impartial is the theme of this New Moon. And it always revolves around how well you respond to these same challenging inquiries. It's sharing who you are and what you want, not exposing yourself.

A New Moon in your seventh house of partnerships appears just as you begin to believe you have learned everything there is to know about love and passion. This serves to remind you that there is still plenty to discover. It's simple to get mired in a routine, and the comfort of a steady pace can be soothing. But as a Sagittarius, you are not only born with the energy of the spontaneous fire sign, which permeates your very being, but you also intuitively understand that relationships are supposed to challenge and advance you.

Capricorn put originality at the top of your list of priorities. As you begin this new chapter in your everyday life, it might be the only way to ensure that you pay attention to what the stars have in store for you. It's a good moment to reorganise your routines in a way that brings you more delight and interest because the New Moon is in your sixth house of routines. Naturally, you'll complete the necessary tasks, so consider having pleasure as another obligation you owe to yourself.

You're lucky, Aquarius. The June 2023 New Moon is in your fifth house of pleasure and is giving you plenty of opportunities; the hardest decision will likely be deciding which one to pursue. You might have a visit from the proverbial muses who shower you with creative genius and novel new ideas or solutions you hadn't thought of. This lunation is all about expansion for you. You might find love, and if you're hoping to have children, you might be blessed with a child. Choose what seems most aligned; it's up to you.

Your domestic life is about to undergo significant adjustment, Pisces. The June 2023 New Moon falls in your fourth house of home and family, which is the perfect place for you to move or experience a change of scenery. During this period, real estate endeavours benefit from a little additional good fortune. Plant those seeds right away, and see what blossoms for you in the upcoming chapter.

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