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Kim Kardashian's global icon status is confirmed by her Chinese and Western horoscope sign

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

You could argue Kim Kardashian's success was written in the stars.

The 41-year-old billionaire reality TV star is a Libra Metal Monkey in Cosmic Fusion - the combination of Western and Eastern astrology.

Kim Kardashian at 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Credit: Photo by everett225

Her combined Cosmic Fusion sign means she is one of the most charming people you could meet. The Libra Metal Monkey is extremely self-assured. There are many people out there who are sensitive, insecure, unsure, questioning, worrisome, vulnerable and just plain weak. This juggernaut of self-assurance definitely doesn't fall into any of the aforementioned categories.

They are happy, cocky, confident, strong and ridiculously driven. In fact, despite their smooth charm, they're pretty single-minded and determined. This is a sociable soul and may well conduct a large portion of their business in a socially-orientated setting.

They'll be able to turn their hand to anything, sweet talk anyone and anything into doing things we wouldn't ordinarily consider. They don't countenance failure and failure rarely darkens their door, because their self-belief will always brush it aside with mild disdain and they'll just come back for more.

They're tough and hard but their charm more or less always wins the day. You can't tell them what to do either. They'll give the impression they're easy-going, and they are just so long as they call the shots. Impressive, wily and very, very persuasive.

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