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December full moon - What the Cold moon means for your zodiac sign

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The December Cold Moon is in Gemini on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 11:08 PM EST, 4:08 AM GMT.

Gemini full moons help us to see the world through a different lens. The Gemini energy inspires us and gives us the opportunity to try new places, see new people and experience new things.

The Gemini full moon inspires us and gives us the energy to try new things

Given that Gemini is ruled by the communication planet Mercury, this witty and social sign brings out your inner creative and connecting vibes. Gemini energy is also largely mental and very vocal.

Find out what's in store for all the zodiac signs this lunar month.


Aries, new locations and travel are key themes for you this lunar month. This is a positive moment for you growth-wise, even if it requires a lot of mental energy. Your Full Moon ritual: Take a trip or go somewhere new.


Taurus, as always, finances and material wealth are playing an important role this lunar month. The full moon in Gemini could bring in a new stream of income or encourage you to think about new investment opportunities. Are you content with where you’re placing your assets? Your Full Moon ritual: Complete or start a to-do list for your finances.


Gemini, not surprisingly this month is all about you! The Gemini moon is activating your house of self. Love is in the air too. Do you have a new love interest? Or are their renewed sparks flying in your current situation? Whatever it is, communication, flirting, and socialising should be your sole focus right now. Your Full Moon ritual: Light a yellow candle (spiritual meaning: confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity).


Cancer, this lunar month is highlighting your monetary situation and material wealth. The full moon will send positive energy to lucky Jupiter, pushing you to think about mortgages, loans, and finances. This could indicate new investors for a project or new investment opportunities. Your Full Moon ritual: Write down your intentions.


Leo, this is an extremely creative time for you and the Gemini Moon is impacting your social groups and your wider network of people. Be receptive to new opportunities, they may arise from attending social events so don’t turn anything down this month! Your Full Moon ritual: Go to a networking event.


Virgo, the Gemini Moon is a little more serious for you, in a positive way. Professional breakthroughs are on the horizon this lunar month. A new position or job opportunity could present itself, giving you a positive step forward before the new year. Keep your options open. Your Full Moon ritual: Go to a networking event.


Libra, this is a special time for you as the Gemini Moon activates your higher consciousness, travel and communication. You might be travelling abroad or going on a business trip. Either way, you’re in a position of power so be prepared for a long-term investment paying off. Your Full Moon ritual: Pull a Tarot card.


Scorpio, for you this lunar month is all about the home. Moving into a new and expansive place, or investing in property are possibilities for you this lunation. Your Full Moon ritual: Write down what you're grateful for.

Sagittarius ♐

Sagittarius, with the Gemini moon activating your house of relationships, you can expect changes surrounding this area of life as the year comes to an end. This could be alluding to an important business partnership or a romantic relationship. Your full moon ritual: Light a blue candle (spiritual meaning: inspiration, happiness and opening lines of communication).

Capricorn ♑

Capricorn, your overall health and wellness are taking centre stage this lunation. As you are the most ambitious and hard-working zodiac sign, where can you maximise your day in order to be the most productive? If you feel as though you’re in a rut, make small changes to your daily routine. Practice balance and self-care. Your Full Moon ritual: Light some sage.

Aquarius ♒

Aquarius, Jupiter is moving through your sign this lunation, the planet of growth and luck. Investments or creative projects are also a major theme for you this month. For some of you, investments (long-term or short-term) could flourish or produce some income. Your Full Moon ritual: Light a green candle (spiritual meaning: money, fertility, luck, abundance, health and success).

Pisces ♓

Pisces, this lunation is all about the family and home for you. Emotional foundations are a key theme this Gemini moon. It could be a physical move to a new home or a metaphorical shift in your family dynamics. You’re being urged to tie up loose ends this month and go into the new year with a clear head. Your Full Moon ritual: Light some sage.

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