Gemini 2022 horoscope - What to know about their personality and compatibility with the other signs

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Gemini is one of the three air signs in the Western zodiac. Their astrological symbol is the twins Castor and Pollux who represent a dual-natured personality.

Gemini dates range from May 21 to about June 21. Some famous Geminis include; Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe.

What are Gemini's personality traits?

Geminis are intelligent, flexible and extroverted, there's never a boring moment while they're around. They are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. They live to entertain others and are very chatty and communicative people.

Their flaws include indecisiveness, impulsivity, outspokenness and unreliability. They are known for having multiple personalities which is why their symbol is represented by twins.

Who is Gemini compatible with?

Two of the most compatible signs for Gemini people are their fellow air signs Aquarius and Libra. They also get along well with the fire signs; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, as they are equally energetic and can match well with the Gemini clan.

12 Western star signs:
  • Aries - ambitious, brave and unafraid

  • Taurus - stubborn, diligent and loyal

  • Gemini - impulsive, extroverts and clever

  • Cancer - sensitive, caring and dependable

  • Leo - fiery, confident and a leader

  • Virgo - humble, practical and kind

  • Libra - balanced, intelligent and friendly

  • Scorpio - deep, mysterious and passionate

  • Sagittarius - lovers of freedom, spontaneous and intellectual

  • Capricorn - ambitious, organized and goal-oriented

  • Aquarius - creative, intelligent and distant

  • Pisces - emotional, creative and sympathetic

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