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August’s Supermoon in Aquarius: Here’s how to interpret the energy & meaning of the full moon

Did you know that a full moon’s overall effects can last up to two weeks?

A lightning bolt of inspiration, surrounded by shocking waves of electric chaos and galactic ingenuity, the essence of Uranus-ruled Aquarius is equally disruptive as it is innovative. Which astrological house belongs to this rebellious air sign in your birth chart?

*Hint: this is the area of life where you’re most likely to prioritize your individual freedom, and community affairs.* This is especially significant to consider, as this year’s full moon in Aquarius took place on August 1 and via nine degrees of this fixed air sign. If you’re familiar with your birth chart, you’ll want to check where the nine degree point is for reference on your full-circle moment. You’ll also want to think back to the new moon in Aquarius that took place in January 2023. Since then, how have you evolved in regards to your social networks, friendship circles and general sense of belonging in the world?

Aquarius and Full Moon
This year’s full moon in Aquarius took place on August 1

Astrologically, the moon represents everything from our shadowy unconscious to our innermost feelings. Before reflecting on your full moon journey, however, let’s take a closer look at the moon’s symbolism, and why tuning into her many phases can bring you closer to your power. After all, change is the only thing that is constant, but the lunar cycle can simultaneously resemble our human development.

The second brightest luminary next to the sun, the moon is an ancient symbol of the divine feminine. Waxing and waning, eternally caught between the light and the dark, the moon controls the (emotional) tides within and around us. This is precisely why acknowledging the flow of the lunar cycle can help us ground our emotions, and become more self-aware in the process. Be it in your day-to-day life or while in deep introspection, the phases of the moon bring forth magic and wisdom.

While the new moon phase marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, the full moon phase marks a time of culmination, celebration and climax. Similar to the way a full moon can illuminate the entire night sky, this lunar phase is often known for bringing revelations, and hidden truths to light.

For instance, the sun makes a direct opposition to the moon during the full moon phase. In addition to being a call for balance between our sacred masculine (sun) and divine feminine (moon) energies, the gravitational pull between both of these luminaries evokes the conscious (sun) and unconscious (moon) within us. It’s no wonder so many are familiar with this lunar phase, not to mention its notorious effects. Have you ever noticed the shift in the energy whenever the moon is full?

In the case of August’s full moon in Aquarius, this lunation is considered a “supermoon,” because it is up to seven percent larger and 30 percent brighter than normal. Happening while the sun journeys through vivacious Leo, it’s important to also consider the essence of this sun-ruled sign. Leo is symbolic of our happiness, creativity, heart’s desires, and the relationship we share with our inner child. With the sun transiting its sign of rulership, we are encouraged to tap into our authenticity, and cultivate our unique talents and abilities. This, however, is where the full moon comes into play, because one cannot exist without the other. Similarly, there is no such thing as an individual without a community.

Between now and the next two weeks, the full moon is bringing emphasis to the dynamic of our surroundings and community affairs. With that said, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on whether or not these networks and/or social alliances align with the individual you aspire to become. Are your peers in support of your goals and dreams?

Have you been surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar aspirations? Are you doing what it takes to commit to these future visions? Governed by Saturn retrograde and Uranus—stationing retrograde on Aug. 29—we are being called to trust the process, and surrender what no longer resonates with our core value systems. Squaring lucky Jupiter, the energy of this lunation is being magnified, and expanding our spiritual horizons in the process.

You can't start a revolution if you're afraid of being disruptive. Novelty will always trigger a ripple of shock and doubt to its surroundings, but every worthy experiment starts with a little chaos. Be the change you seek.

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