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April Full Moon 2023 - Find out what the moon in Libra means for your zodiac sign

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The April Pink Moon is in the balanced and harmonious Libra on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 00:34 AM EST, 5:34 AM GMT.

This full moon is a magical time where emotions are heightened, and energies are amplified. Each sign can tap into the airy and positive energy this lunation brings. The previous full moon was March 6, the last Full Moon of the winter season.

What does the April Pink moon mean spiritually?

The April Pink Moon isn't called that because of its colour, it's actually named after a type of pink wildflower that blooms around the same time in some parts of the world.

Spiritually, the Pink Moon is often associated with growth and renewal, as it occurs during the spring season when new life is blooming all around us. It is a time to reflect on the changes happening in our lives and to embrace the energy of transformation.

In some cultures, the Pink Moon is also associated with fertility and abundance. It is a time to focus on manifesting our desires and creating abundance in all areas of our lives. It is a time to connect with nature, reflect on our inner selves, and set intentions for the future.

What does the Pink Moon mean for each individual sign?


You may find yourself feeling extra indecisive right now, Aries. Normally, you're quick to make decisions and take action, but the Libra moon is throwing a wrench in your plans. Take some time to weigh your options and think things through before charging ahead.

This is a great time for you to focus on your relationships, Taurus. The Libra moon is all about harmony and balance, so make sure you're communicating clearly with your loved ones and working to create a peaceful environment.


Your social butterfly tendencies are really coming out with the Moon in Libra, Gemini. This is a great time for you to connect with old friends and make new ones. Just be sure to take some time for yourself as well!

The Libra moon is highlighting your creative side, Cancer. You may find yourself inspired to try a new hobby or explore your artistic talents. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild!


You may feel a bit off-balance during this time, Leo. The Libra moon is causing you to question your priorities and reassess your goals. Use this time to reflect and make any necessary adjustments. Pursue your passions wisely!


This is a good time for you to focus on self-care, Virgo. The Libra moon is encouraging you to slow down and take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Make sure you're getting enough rest and treating yourself with kindness.


You're in your element right now, Libra! The Moon in your sign is amplifying your natural charm and charisma. Use this energy to your advantage and go after what you want.

You may find yourself feeling a bit more emotional than usual, Scorpio. The Libra moon is stirring up some deep-seated feelings and causing you to confront some uncomfortable truths. Don't be afraid to reach out for support if you need it.

The Libra moon is urging you to find balance in your life, Sagittarius. You may find yourself focusing more on your work or personal life, but make sure you're not neglecting other areas. Remember to have fun, enjoy life and seek out new experiences!

This is a great time for you to focus on your home and family, Capricorn. The Libra moon is highlighting your domestic side and encouraging you to create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

The Libra moon is highlighting your communication skills, Aquarius. This is a great time for you to express yourself and share your ideas with others. Just be sure to listen to what others have to say as well.

You may find yourself feeling a bit more introspective during this time, Pisces. The Libra moon is urging you to take some time to reflect on your innermost thoughts and feelings. Use this time to get in touch with your intuition and connect with your spiritual side.

For more in depth insights into the astrological effects of the Pink Full moon, go to My Cosmos on our app, which is available on both Apple and Android.

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Michelle Bell
Michelle Bell
Apr 11, 2023


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