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3 zodiac signs who clash the most with the sensitive and nurturing Cancer

You might be convinced that all Capricorns are workaholics, all Sagittarians are outspoken and all Scorpios are terrifying if you believe everything you read on social media. In the world of snappy tweets and memes, every sign is susceptible to being overgeneralized. While people born under the cardinal water sign Cancer are frequently stereotyped as overly sentimental and stage five clingers for life, the reality is there is so much more to them than that.

Each sign has its advantages and disadvantages, and some signs will get along better with one another than others. Cancers are born nurturers who are acutely aware of both their own and those of those they care about. They are ruled by the intuitive moon, the luminary of emotions.

Here are some of the zodiac signs who clash with the sensitive crab:

Libra: It's complex

Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac and the cardinal Air sign is square to Cancer, which can be a difficult but also potentially energising aspect. Libra also has three signs apart from Cancer. The delights and pleasures that come with having a partner, developing a lovely home life, and companionship are all things that both cardinal signs cherish. However, as an Air sign, Libra tends to approach romance with a more cerebral bent, whereas Cancer prefers to let their heart guide them instead of their mind, which could lead to misunderstandings. But focusing on their shared love of love can turn the situation around.

Sagittarius: Incompatible

They resemble an odd couple. Independent and carefree, Sagittarius. They love to live life to the fullest and take risks. Cancers have strong romantic needs. They are wary and concerned. Cancers are security-seeking homebodies. When they see how Sagittarius wastes money, they get anxious and frugal. Sagittarius folks are outgoing, whilst Cancers enjoy staying inside. The optimism and assurance of Sagittarius may intrigue Cancer. Sagittarius, however, feels overpowered by Cancer's emotions. It's unlikely that a Sagittarius and a Cancer would pursue a romantic relationship.

However, they can end up being relatives or friends. They compete with one another and sometimes irritate one another. Sagittarius keeps Cancer at arm's length. The emotions of Cancer have them under its spell. Sagittarius is intimidating to Cancer. They can't keep up with Sagittarius since they are too shy and reserved. Despite tending to be compassionate and generous, Sagittarius is too careless for Cancer. The most nurturing, perceptive, and sympathetic indications are those that go well with Cancer. Sagittarius requires a mate that shares their passion for life.

Aquarius: Was not meant to be

Being quincunx, or five signs away from Cancer, Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the fixed Air sign, makes for an uneasy and uncomfortable pairing. Airy Aquarius, ruled by revolutionary Uranus, is detached, cold, and future-focused and prefers to favour reason over emotion, whereas Cancer is rarely willing to set aside how they intuitively feel to use only their intellect. The Water Bearer tends to go against the grain and break with tradition, whereas the Crab has a soft spot for customs, especially those connected to family. In a perfect world, Aquarius can give Cancer a change from the routine, while Cancer can teach Aquarius the value of consistency.

What phrase best describes the oceanic crustacean?

  • My ride or die

  • Mamma bear of the group

  • Everyone's bestie

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