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Chinese zodiac: What to know about the Year of the Hare in astrology

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Arriving on January 22nd, 2023, is the start of the year of the Hare, often referred to as the year of the Rabbit.

The year of the Hare can be extremely productive despite its seeming tranquillity. In addition to harmony and relaxation, the predominance of the element of water also ensures tenacity, commitment, and hard work in all facets of life.

The Hare is a sign of the Chinese zodiac that is known for its people-pleasing nature, the tendency to be easily manipulated, and lack of caution. It is often seen as a pushover and is known for its shyness and moodiness. The Hare is also known for its creativity and ability to bring out the best in ingredients, as well as its independent spirit and willingness to take risks.

The Hare can is governed by the 5 elements in Chinese astrology.

Metal - intelligent, pompous, sneaky, and clever.

Water - possesses an excellent memory and the capacity to express ideas to others, calm, and calculated.

Wood - public person, activist, modest, tolerant

Fire - honest, passionate, good psychologist, loyal.

Earth - hardworking, persistent, nurturing, intelligent.

Hares are renowned for having good taste in both fashion and art. They value beauty deeply and are prone to dressing carefully and taking care of their appearance.

Many Hares are also artists, and they each have a distinctive perspective on the world. The danger of obsessing about appearances is that it can make Hares excessively shallow and critical of other people's appearances.

Compared to other signs, those born under the Eastern Zodiac sign of the Hare are a little more sensitive. They aim to avoid conflict at all costs since they don't like to cause trouble.

This is not to say that hares are weak; rather, they like being surrounded by only uplifting and motivating things and dislike it when their calm periods are disturbed by difficulties.

Of the 12 animals, the hare is one of the most fragile. Typically, Hares are good, pleasant, and, of course, popular people. They are good company and are aware of how to improve themselves, so nobody avoids them.

Because Hares are known for their aesthetic sensibility and exquisite taste, their homes are always gorgeous. They typically look presentable as well.

Hare’s best matches are Hare, Goat and Pig in Chinese astrology.

The 12 Chinese zodiac animals are:

Rat - tenacious, clever and good at problem-solving, perceptive, possessing fast reactions, being able to adjust well to new situations, and being adept at gaining new friends of all sorts.

Ox - fair, sincere, diligent, driven, and possessed with tremendous tenacity and endurance.

Tiger - Masculine, fervent, courageous, possessing an extraordinary sense of adventure, and loving to take on challenges.

Hare - being compassionate, kind, and not prone to getting angry.

Dragon - bold, unafraid of challenges, and striving for perfection.

Snake - intelligent, strong, focused, accountable, quick-witted, and relentless attitude and spirit.

Horse - jovial, lively, romantic, passionate, and expressive.

Goat - kind and genuine with everyone, including complete strangers; generous, hospitable, outgoing, and highly regarded.

Monkey - exceptional leadership, extraordinary courage with strong execution.

Rooster - honest, has the courage to speak out and severely condemn the wrongdoing.

Dog - direct, down-to-earth, honest, humble, pleasant, and capable of inspiring others to feel safe and dependable.

Pig - sympathetic, generous, and never betraying or misleading friends out of self-interest.

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