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Here's why the Rooster and the Hare are nemeses in Chinese astrology

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

The Rooster and the Hare are two of the most opposite signs in Chinese astrology.

It's difficult to picture a positive pairing between the Hare and Rooster. They have vastly different personalities, worldviews, and ways of living that prevent them from seeing eye to eye with one another.

Marriage nor friendship are likely to flourish from the perspective of Chinese astrology. The Rooster has a balanced, reflective, and wise personality. They construct their lives methodically, using common sense and a realistic approach to life. These people value comfort, order, and predictability. They want to be noticed, admired and adored for who they are. Meanwhile, the Hare is a creative and artistic soul who uses their intuition and emotions to guide their decision-making. They tend to go with their heart rather than their head.

Hare's shyness can cause troubles

The domesticated, timid Hare occasionally lacks strong feelings and impressions. The Rooster is ostentatious, outspoken and likes to draw attention to itself. Roosters can become weary of their own importance and invulnerability. A young partnership is not anticipated to be successful according to the Hare and Rooster compatibility horoscope.

The pair will have the opportunity to create a tandem that works for them both as adults. Hare's "turn a blind eye" to the oddness of the potential life partner since they value diversity in their lives. The second, who had a turbulent adolescence, are prepared to give up some of their independence in order to discover a good buddy. The gender of the partners has an impact on the event's success.

The Hare is frequently stereotyped as being a pushover since they are people-pleasers and are readily swayed. They are therefore the ideal victims for those who feed on others' kindness. Additionally, due to their propensity for being too trusting, they are vulnerable to being used. They frequently find themselves in unfavourable situations as a result.

Rooster's cockiness is not for Hares

The cockiness of the Rooster is well recognised as they might be rather conceited and believe they always know best. They have strong opinions and won't hold back from expressing them, even when it isn't wanted.

The Rooster can be cocky and arrogant, while the Hare is often seen as timid and therefore easily manipulated. The Rooster is self-interested and does not always have the best interests of others at heart, while the Hare is too trusting and can be taken advantage of because of their lack of caution. The Rooster is also known for its temperamental moods and can be quite opinionated, while the Hare can sometimes be moody and unpredictable. These contrasting qualities often cause conflict between the two signs, as the Rooster's personality can be seen as a threat to the Hare's good nature.

The Rooster's tendency to be selfish and uncooperative can be seen as a challenge to the Hare's people-pleasing nature. The Rooster's impulsive behaviour and lack of consideration for others can be seen as a threat to Hare's need for stability and security. The Rooster's overconfident nature can also be seen as a challenge to the Hare's lack of confidence and trust in themselves. These differences in character can often cause conflict between the two signs, as their differing personalities can be seen as a source of tension.

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