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What to know about the Metal Tiger in Chinese astrology

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The Metal Tiger is notoriously impetuous, it just decides it's going to do something and simply sets about doing it - no real planning or forethought whatsoever, just a blindly single-minded mindset.

When it comes off, they're hailed a genius and when it doesn't they're full of remorse and regret. The Metal Tiger never switches off, ever. It's a mind that kicks in at birth and just keeps relentlessly chugging away. This is often not a bad thing really. You'll never be bored around these characters, they regard sitting still for more than three seconds as some sort of personal torture.

Other types of Tiger in the Chinese zodiac:

  • Water Tiger

  • Wood Tiger

  • Fire Tiger

  • Earth Tiger

12 animals in Chinese astrology:

  • Pig

  • Dog

  • Rooster

  • Monkey

  • Goat

  • Horse

  • Snake

  • Dragon

  • Hare

  • Tiger

  • Ox

  • Rat

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