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What Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's astrology signs mean for their zodiac compatibility

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, AKA Bennifer, officially made a comeback in July 2022. The ultimate power couple of the early 2000s are back and better than ever. With their combined star power and undeniable chemistry, these two have once again captured the world's attention.

From their glamorous red carpet appearances to their paparazzi-documented outings, it's clear that Bennifer is here to remind us what it means to be a true power couple in Hollywood. So, what does astrology have to say about their zodiac compatibility? Let's find out...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in LA together. Credit: Deposit photos | cheekylorns2

According to astrology, Bennifer have a passionate, sometimes feisty but definitely not boring connection. While some have questioned the longevity of their reunion, what do the stars say about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Their astrological compatibility proves that there will always be sparks between this unstoppable duo.

Do you think Bennifer will last?

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What are their Cosmic Fusion signs?

Jennifer Lopez, born in 1969 and is a Leo Earth Rooster in Cosmic Fusion, while Ben Affleck, born in 1972 is a Leo Water Rat.

The Leo Earth Rooster (JLo) is a serious but impressive character. Grounded, sensible, powerful, charming, strong, moral and earnest with a big, albeit subtle, ego. On every level, the Leo Earth Rooster has everything in hand. They're so organised and efficient, you can set your watch by them. They’re a well-oiled machine that is practical, disciplined and competent. It is a little complex because Leos can be frivolous, whereas the Earth Rooster regards frivolity with utter disdain. They normally settle on the one thing that unites the Leo and the Earth Rooster, success and recognition, which both signs crave. Happily, the Leo aspect also introduces some serious parental instincts.

The Leo Water Rat (Ben Affleck) just wants an easy-going, affable life. Nothing really flusters this happy individual. They want to enjoy everything that life has to offer - food, drink, leisure, and good company, in a relaxed fashion, which is what this one is all about. It would be handy if they were born into money because, although they certainly aren't afraid of work, far from it, they would happily lead a life of decadent leisure and not feel any guilt.

What does Cosmic Fusion say about Bennifer?

JLo and Affleck are 37% compatible in Cosmic Fusion’s algorithm. Before you panic, the % of one's compatibility isn't the be all end all! Understanding someone's core makeup is the key to true communication and understanding. So while their % isn't the highest in our system… there’s still hope for these lovebirds.

The Rat and Rooster are both strong signs in the Chinese zodiac, however, they have vastly different personalities and they approach situations in completely different ways. They’ll have a lot of fun together and there will certainly be fireworks in their relationship, they just both need to try and work together rather than against each other. They both need to learn to let their guard down and be more empathetic.

When it comes to their Chinese elements, they’re also not the strongest combination. Earth and Water don’t have natural compatibility, Earth literally absorbs Water and therefore when it comes to relationships, the Earth element is likely to overwhelm and drain the Water element. Again, communication is key here. It will just require more effort to have these two elements align.

Leos can either be wonderfully matched with one another or complete enemies. Leos adore the spotlight and love to be the centre of attention, so if you have two Leos who both have the same agenda, then you’re looking at a winning combination. Both Jen and Ben love the limelight equally, so it’s likely their success will bounce off each other, creating a strong and unbreakable bond. The fact that they have reunited having both established successful careers bodes well for this mature relationship.

How can you find out what your sign is?

If you want to calculate your Western star sign, Chinese element and Chinese animal, download our app to discover your true personality:

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