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What are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's zodiacs? Discover their astrological compatibility amid split

Born on December 13th 1989, Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius in Western astrology. A sign known for its adventurous spirit, optimism, and love for freedom. They possess a natural charm, wit, and a desire to explore new horizons.

But do you know what her Chinese element and animal are? Scroll to find out deeper astrological insights into the Midnights icon.

Taylor Swift at an awards show
Taylor Swift at the Academy of Country Music Awards Vegas. Credit: Deposit Photos and s_bukley
What's Taylor's Chinese element and animal?

Born in 1989, Taylor Swift is an Earth Snake in the Chinese zodiac.

What's her Cosmic Fusion sign?

In Cosmic Fusion's system, Taylor is a Sagittarius Earth Snake. The Sagittarius Earth Snake is a classy, elegant, sassy and determined character. Here is a person who actually takes life really rather seriously but doesn't necessarily want to. Sagittarians are ordinarily reckless, mischievous, naughty, playful characters who bore easily and constantly seek new experiences and adventure. However, the Earth element and Snake are refined, elegant, dignified and sophisticated. It’s an interesting combination of traits.

Sagittarius zodiac sign
Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius Earth Snake

The Earth and the Snake are shrewd, strong and savvy and have a very clear idea of exactly where they want to be and where they’re heading. This, of course, is in complete contrast to the spontaneous and energetic Sagittarius, who just wants to explore and go with the flow. It’s quite a lovely mix though as the Sagittarius imbues this character with some impulsive and exciting energy.

They tend to have great taste and enjoy the finer things in life (Earth/Snake), they’re also highly intuitive and enjoy the mysterious charm they exude. They’re incredibly creative - the Sagi in them is free-spirited and loves to travel, the Earth element brings some stability and the Snake has a hypnotic and irresistible charm. They should follow a career path that is diverse and enables them to travel the world and explore new people and things.

They should probably be their own boss (well that makes sense!) as they have such a specific and particular idea of what they want to be. They have a magnetic aura and people are instantly drawn to them, primarily thanks to the Sagittarius and Snake. They have the belief to undertake any task or career, to be honest. They're tough but they’re also very classy.

What is Joe Alywn's combined zodiac sign?

Born 21st February, 1991, Joe is a Pisces Metal Goat in Cosmic Fusion's system. A potential genius, this combination The Piscean Metal Goat is in no particular order; complex, talented, sensitive, creative, insecure and inventive. Metal Goats are arguably one of the most talented combinations in Chinese astrology. Pair that alongside the intuitive, emotional and wildly creative Pisces and it paints quite a picture.

Speaking of painting a picture, these characters are ordinarily blessed with such immense creative ability it's an absolute travesty if it isn't tapped into. Creative pursuits act as a kind of salvation and it's this road that will keep things on an even keel. They could excel at so many things - writing, art, and design, to name a few. They need to surround themselves with people they trust implicitly, people who understand the complexities of their make-up.

They may well be quite feisty, or at least emotional. The trick with these characters is to leave them to their own devices, you’ll be shocked at what they could achieve. Beautiful, sensitive, creative, emotional and unutterably talented - doesn't mean they're easy, though.

Pisces zodiac sign
Joe Alwyn is a Pisces Metal Goat
Did Taylor and Joe Alwyn break up?

While neither Taylor Swift or Joe Alwyn have publicly announced they've broken up, rumours have circulated that the couple have ended their relationship. Sources close to the couple have suggested that they split up amicably.

Eagle-eyed Swifties think the singer might have alluded to their break up last month. She replaced the first song in the Folklore-inspired section of her Eras Tour with a nostalgic breakup song from the same album.

She swapped out "Invisible String," which is about two soulmates, with "The 1," a song about heartbreak, lost love and remembering what was once had.

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