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As we enter Super Bowl 2024...are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's zodiac signs compatible?

Updated: Feb 13

Super Bowl 🏈 isn't just an event; it's practically a national holiday in the United States. Super Bowl LVIII takes place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

While the event normally centers around football and the halftime show... this year, all eyes are on Chiefs player Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. But the real question... how romantically compatible are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift - Sagittarius Earth Snake

The Sagittarius Earth Snake is a classy, elegant, sassy and determined character. Sagittarians are ordinarily reckless, mischievous, naughty, playful characters who bore easily and constantly seek new experiences and adventure. However, the Earth element and Snake are refined, elegant, dignified and sophisticated. It’s an interesting combination of traits. The Earth and the Snake are shrewd, strong and savvy and have a very clear idea of exactly where they want to be and where they’re heading. This, of course, is in complete contrast to the spontaneous and energetic Sagittarius, who just wants to explore and go with the flow. It’s quite a lovely mix though as the Sagittarius imbues this character with some impulsive and exciting energy.

They tend to have great taste and enjoy the finer things in life (Earth/Snake), they’re also highly intuitive and enjoy the mysterious charm they exude. They’re incredibly creative - the Sagi in them is free-spirited and loves to travel, the Earth element brings some stability and the Snake has a hypnotic and irresistible charm. They should follow a career path that is diverse and enables them to travel the world and explore new people and things. They should probably be their own boss as they have such a specific and particular idea of what they want to be. They have a magnetic aura and people are instantly drawn to them, primarily thanks to the Sagittarius and Snake. They have the belief to undertake any task or career, to be honest. They're tough but they’re also very classy.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift. Credit: Deposit Photos

Travis Kelce - Libra Earth Snake

The Libra Earth Snake is a powerful and charismatic creature. Imperious is one of the first words that springs to mind when describing this savvy and rather elusive character. It’s confusing because they have such a subtle way of showing their strength of character, they’re quite under-the-radar about it. Librans are fantastically strong, balanced and fair, the Earth element has incredible patience and can maintain a sense of calm in challenging situations. Then you have the Snake who is mysterious, elusive and wise, they glide through life with an air of quiet confidence.

There is a deep-rooted drive and ambition inherent in these characters and, despite their charming demeanour, you're looking at one of the most in control people in existence. It's very subtle, it isn't always in operation but they have it honed to the finest of arts. Both Librans and Snakes are as smooth and savvy as they come and, just because they don't appear utterly driven and determined on the outside doesn't mean they aren't. The impression they give off is extremely charismatic, persuasive, happy, positive and easy-going, but don't for one moment think their agenda hasn't been in place for quite some while.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce compatibility

In Chinese astrology, the Earth Snake is known for its intuition, sixth sense abilities, and serious determination. When two Earth Snakes come together in a relationship, their compatibility is strengthened by their shared values and understanding of each other's personalities. Both partners appreciate their similarities, creating a harmonious environment where they can thrive.

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