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Spring Equinox 2023 - What it means for your zodiac sign

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Spring Equinox 2023 occured on March 20, 2023 this year. Picture this: the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Spring has finally sprung, and it's time to celebrate!

It also marks the end of Pisces season as the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Western zodiac. We've left the dreamy ethereal watery sign for the proud and fiery Aries.

But it's not just about the weather - the Spring Equinox is also a time of renewal and rebirth. It's a chance to shake off the old and embrace the new, whether that means starting a new hobby, taking a new job, or just trying something new and exciting.

Find out how it's going to affect your zodiac sign...

This week is particularly special for you as today marks the first day in your sign. It's time to shine as everything should be about you and your needs. Enjoy this moment and do something for yourself.


This Spring Equinox has you feeling strong and driven this week. Really focus your mind on your work and you'll reap the rewards in no time.


You're feeling very inward this week. Despite the move from Pisces to Aries, you're still in dreamland, and that's no bad thing. Take your time and continue to manifest what you want.


In spite of your natural sensitive nature, you're feeling extremely self assured this week. You've been working hard on a project that will finally come to fruition. Be patient and wait to see the rewards.


This week is all about spontaneity for you. Do something you've never done before and take a leap of faith. You won't regret it.


Find your inner calm this week. You've been working extremely hard the past few weeks but now you need to take some time for yourself. Relax, read a book and take a break from work so you can recharge.


You're feeling extra sociable this week. Enjoy the first day of Aries season and go to lunch with your friends. You deserve a break from work while you soak up the first few days of Spring.


You need to recharge this week. You've been burning the candle at both ends and need to take some time for yourself. Everything you've been working toward will finally fall into place this week.


This week you need to get your finances in order. Once you've created a budget plan you'll be happier to splurge this Spring.


Work always comes first for you... but this week it's time to indulge. Enjoy this Spring Equinox by relaxing in the sun and taking a few days off work.

This week you need to focus on trying to express your emotions more clearly. It's not always easy for you to wear your heart on your sleeve but try opening up to your closest friends this week.

You're feeling a little depleted as we move from your sign into Aries this week. Take this time to relax, there's no rush to do anything. Enjoy some quiet time.

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