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Sarah Jessica Parker's astrology sign reveals why the SATC star is effortlessly classy

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Sarah Jessica Parker oozes elegance and sophistication.

The Sex and the City actress was born March 25, 1965, making her an Aries Wood Snake in combined Western and Eastern astrology.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Credit: David Shankbone

One of the most natural parents. This one is remarkably uncomplicated. Strong, traditional, resilient, kind, and honest.

Nothing flusters this creature. An earth-shattering natural disaster in their back garden would just be another issue to tend to. Life is taken in their stride.

They’re a competitive thing, too. They’ll want the best, they’ll always want to do the 'right thing'. They’re a law-abiding citizen. Wood Snakes have a fantastically Victorian approach to staying on the right side of the law - it's to be admired in today's crumbling society.

They’re brilliant at multi-tasking and nothing fazes them. They’re lovely in a tough, genuine way. Having said all that, you should not underestimate the searing drive and ambition of these really very impressive Ariens - they will never, ever, settle for second best. They deem it unnecessary and foolhardy to stop short of what life has to offer.

Now, although all Aries are born curious and with a naughty little streak coursing through every last vein, the Wood Snake is so stupidly sensible that they probably find themselves harnessing, reining in, certain latent desires. This is a class act. Terribly sensible, loyal, a true heart, and an absolutely rock-solid toughie.

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