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We know the real reason Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham football club, AKA The Red Dragons

Ryan Reynolds, born October 23rd, 1976, has been able to turn his hand to comedy, action, and drama during his successful Hollywood career.

The 46-year-old Deadpool actor's infectious charm and wit is why he's beloved worldwide, which is no surprise given he's a Scorpio Fire Dragon.

Ryan Reynolds at the Beijing premiere of Deadpool. Credit: Deposit Photos

In a move that shocked the world of sports and entertainment, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds purchased Wrexham AFC, a Welsh football club. Reynolds, best known for his roles in Deadpool and The Proposal, is now set to take on a new role as the co-owner of the club alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

When you look at his astrological make-up, it's no wonder he made such a bold move. Reynolds is a Scorpio Fire Dragon in Cosmic Fusion's system, so of course he wanted to buy the Red Dragons. His sign says he is a very charming, charismatic, fundamentally positive creature. Now, this is most unusual for a Scorpio, who can be morose and negative and secretive and introverted. But the Scorpio doesn't get away with that here because the all-singing, all-dancing, ball-blazing Fire Dragon simply won't have it.

This character is somewhat complex, in that the Scorpio is a naturally introverted, one-on-one-type character but the Fire Dragon adores company, has to perform, and demands an audience in the thousands. As a consequence, it does generate quite some degree of inner angst.

For example, the Scorpio is wholly secretive but the Fire Dragon will tell you their life story within 30 seconds of meeting you. There is a lot of conflicting little areas within this absolutely lovely character. The Fire Dragon really wants to take on the universe, be the top dog, garner glowing tributes from all corners of the universe. The Scorpio doesn't. The Scorpio side looks upon the Fire Dragon as a pointless, irritating, raging ego, and yet it's them.

This utterly charming character lends themselves to the world of sport or acting (no shock there). This means the Scorpio side of his personality can concentrate on business, while the Fire Dragon side of him can perform and entertain the masses.

We can't wait to see what Reynolds and McElhenney have in store for Wrexham. Will they bring some Hollywood flair to the field? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, this is going to be one entertaining ride.

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